Barre Workout by Carly

We’re super excited to introduce you to our next guest blogger on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room! Today we have our fave barre expert and fitness lover, Carly Bateman, here to bring to you her best barre workout for the ultimate toned bod of dreams. Carly ran our classes at BLOK gym on the Bo+Tee Tour and we knew we had to invite her onto the blog ASAP to share her impressive skills with our online community. If you don’t already follow her, then check out her insta @bodybybates_ for more barre, fitness and self love tips and tricks. So without further ado, it’s over to you, Carly...

Hey babes! Nice to e-meet you!

Barre is a low-impact, high intensity workout that uses the ballet barre. Although barre is inspired by ballet, it’s not a dance class, you definitely do not need to be a dancer to do barre!

Barre combines isometric and eccentric muscle contractions to create a deep burn and sometimes shake within the muscles, which ultimately leads them to fatigue.

Barre helps to strengthen the muscles, build stamina and increase cardio fitness. But not only that, it helps improve mobility & flexibility, develop good posture, tone and sculpt the body and release all of those happy chemicals we call endorphins!

If you’re a barre beginner, my best piece of advice would be to just not put too much pressure on yourself and have fun! That first barre burn can be intense if you’ve not experienced it before so go at your own pace, focus on yourself, listen to some banging tunes and do the best you can! Soon enough you’ll be addicted to the burn!

Here’s a little set you can do at home that focuses mainly on the lower body. If you don’t have a barre, the back of a chair or a kitchen counter will do nicely! Optional 1.5kg dumbbell.

Complete 8-16x reps of each exercise or more for extra burn! Then repeat on the other side.

Exercise 1: Outer arm/leg extensions

Rest your inside arm on your barre, keep your supporting knee bent. Start by bringing the weight into your shoulder and then extend the arm and outside leg out and in together.

Exercise 2: Knee to elbow side crunches

Start with the outside arm and leg extended on a diagonal and then draw them together, really lean into the motion so you can feel that side crunch!

Exercise 3: Outer leg lifts

Keep the outside arm and leg straight, lift the leg to your highest point without bending it and bring the arm to meet the leg. Try and keep this as smooth as possible, like you’re moving through water.

Exercise 4: Outer leg extended pulses

Hold the outside leg up at your highest point, arm up to the ceiling. Make tiny little lifts with the leg. Don’t forget to keep your supporting knee bent. This one is a proper burner!

Exercise 5: Pretzel lifts

Bend at your outside knee and send the knee back behind the hip. Make sure your toe is higher than your knee, tuck your tailbone and engage your core so you don’t arch your lower back. It should feel like you’ve got your leg wrapped around a tree trunk. Keep squeezing the knees together and then lifting back into that position!

Exercise 6: Pretzel wrap back & hold

Keep the same form as exercise 5, just wrap the knee back and hold each time.

Exercise 7: Pretzel combo - Lift & 2x wraps

Combine the last two exercises, this will confuse your muscles and make them work a little harder!

Exercise 8: Pretzel pulses

Keep that awesome pretzel form and pulse your knee up towards the ceiling. For an advancement - take your standing foot to high stiletto (tip toes!).

Exercise 9: Pretzel hold

Finish with a hold. There’s so much strength in stillness!

We hope you loved getting sweaty with Carly’s at home barre burner as much as we did! Make sure to check back soon team Bo+Tee, our next guest blogger is pending...