How To Be Confident At The Gym

Everyone starts somewhere in their fitness journey, and the gym can be pretty intimidating! Trust us; it's natural to be a little self-conscious at times and not know what every machine is used for or even know where the water cooler is. We know there's more to confidence than just a great outfit, so keep reading our step-by-step guide and you can walk into the gym feeling totally empowered. Let’s go!



Step 1: Wear the right outfit


Feeling confident at the gym starts at home. We all know when you look good, you feel good too. And when you’re feeling your best, you’re bound to smash those PBs and get the most out of your workout. 


See-through leggings when you're trying to squat? It's a no from us. You need high-quality gym wear that's completely squat-proof. All of our shorts, leggings and unitards are designed in a thick, durable material that’s built to last. So there’ll be no embarrassing moments if Bo+Tee has anything to do with it!


If you're still a bit self-conscious, which is totally understandable, try tying a hoodie or sweater around your waist to keep you a bit more covered. We have a huge range of hoodies and sweatshirts in ultra-soft, comfy fabrics.



Step 2: Get your playlist on point


The right playlist can get you pumped for your workout. We love listening to strong, female singers, blaring some house music or sticking on some 90's RnB to get us in the mood to break a sweat. Who doesn't love a throwback playlist? Plus, when you're lost in music, you won't be worried about what other people are doing. You'll be concentrating on yourself.


Spotify lets you create a joint playlist with all of your girls so that anyone can add to it - we think it's about time for a group gym session. If you're not in the headspace for pumping those beats, try listening to an inspirational podcast; this can keep you focused and help you channel that boss energy.



Step 3: It's time to buddy up


Rather chat than throw your headphones on? We all have that one friend who wakes up early, drinks a green smoothie, meditates, heads to the gym at 7 am and is still on time for work. Call them up and organise a workout asap - because team, getting fit with a friend keeps you motivated! You're more likely to stick to a new regime if you're holding each other accountable, and it's a great way to stay connected with your bestie. 


You might even meet someone new while you're there who shares the same fitness goals as you. It's an amazing way to network.



Step 4: Don't be afraid of the weights room


It goes without saying that the weights room can be pretty intimidating, and it's a little overwhelming, especially if you're a gym newbie. Most fitness centres will organise an induction for you when you sign up. Use this induction to ask any and all questions and start to get comfortable with taking the weights on and off the machines and rearranging the bench. 


Struggle to get your weights off or on at the gym? You’re not alone. It can be a bit of a faff that leaves you feeling like everyone is watching while you try your best to pull your weights off the barbell. 



We’ve got you covered. Grab a small weights plate and lie it flat on the floor. You can then roll the weights on your barbell on top and pull your weights off much more easily. Simple! Give it a try. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve got the confidence of a pro, you’ll look like one with this tip!  


Still unsure? When you're choosing a gym, it might be helpful to pick one with a women's only room or women's only section, and this will usually include a few machines and some free weights.


Like we said before, the gym can be daunting when you're alone, so try the weights room with a friend, or a partner, who has some experience of getting those gains.



Step 5: Use classes to get confident


If the bench press just isn't for you, or the thought of 30 minutes on the treadmill has you crawling back under the duvet, then that's okay! 


Classes allow you to get fit with an instructor and meet some like-minded people. Plus, you can easily schedule them around your day to day, as they're often early in the morning and after 6pm. Once you've gained confidence in the classes, you'll be totally at home.


Classes can also be a great way for making sure you stick to going to the gym, as it’s like having an appointment in your diary. If it’s written down in your weekly planner- you’re less likely to skip it!



One last thing...


Everyone starts as a beginner, and it's okay to ask for help. It's okay to print off your workout or double-check the screenshots of that YouTube video. We like to save our favourite workout posts on Instagram and look at it as we go to make sure we’ve nailed our form.


Follow our advice, and you’ll be feeling like a gym pro in no time!


Or maybe you’re not a beginner and you’re already feeling super confident with your workouts. Well then sis, why not lend a helping hand to the newbies? You might just make someone’s day, or better still - make a friend!