Create a Healthy, Affordable Grocery List

Ready to create a healthy, affordable grocery list? You’ve come to the right place. Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re talking all things healthy eating on a budget. Eating well doesn’t always mean extra costs, even with the rise in food prices! 


If you’re sticking to a budget and clean eating is non-negotiable, then it’s really important that you start with a healthy, affordable grocery list - and stick to it! When you’re creating your list, we’d always recommend keeping seasonal and frozen items in mind as these tend to keep costs at bay. 


So, change into your comfiest Bo+Tee matching set and grab a cuppa while we delve into the world of healthy, affordable grocery lists…



4 Tips to Create a Healthy, Affordable Grocery List


Tip 1: Try to shop seasonal


As we mentioned above, we’d always recommend shopping for seasonal fruit and veg when it comes to creating your ultimate healthy and affordable grocery list. Quickly research which of your favourite items are in season during spring, summer, autumn and winter and create recipes to suit.


Tip 2: Pick your protein wisely


Our next tip is to pick your protein strategically. Meat and fish can often be expensive and make up the majority of the cost on your grocery list. To keep your prices down, we’d recommend opting for ground meat options, such as ground turkey or mince. It’s also more cost effective to buy a whole fish or chicken, instead of buying portioned pieces - just make sure you use it all! 


Another tip when it comes to picking the protein for your healthy, affordable grocery list is to switch to some meat-free options. Why not dedicate a day in the week to have a veggie meal and substitute your usual meat or fish for tofu, tempeh or high protein beans. 



Tip 3: Stock up on canned goods


Using products in tins or cans often lead to a very cost effective meal. This includes tinned fish (like tuna), tomatoes, beans and many more. If you pair these with grains that you can buy at a reasonable price for a large amount (like rice or pasta) then you’re onto a winning dish.


Items like these often keep for a long period of time so they’re safe to stock up and are the perfect components when it comes to creating a healthy, affordable grocery list.


Tip 4: Switch fresh for frozen where possible


This tip for creating a healthy, affordable grocery list doesn’t mean never buy fresh - we’d never recommend that! But it does mean regularly checking the frozen aisle to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.


A few items which tend to be good to switch from fresh to frozen are fruits (like mango and berries), veggies (like sweetcorn, peas and edamame) and some proteins (like meat and fish).


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