How to Stay Healthy in Winter

Cold days and long, dark nights always make it more challenging to keep yourself moving. It’s key to remember that winter exercise is just as important as summer, after all, summer bods are made in winter - right? 

How to stay healthy in winter, you ask? We’ve put together our top 5 favourite winter activities to keep you motivated while you move. Staying active can be fun, so partner up with your closest friends and make a day of it. 

Grab a cuppa and keep scrolling below for some inspo on how you can spend your winter months, this year and next…

#1. Winter Walking


First up on how to stay healthy in winter, we’re talking about getting your step in through walking. There’s nothing quite like throwing on your favourite Bo+Tee set and an oversized hoodie and heading out into the crisp, fresh air - if you’re asking us! 


Not to mention, this is the perfect opportunity to have a catch-up with your friends and family.

#2. Ice Skating


If you haven’t been ice skating at the Christmas markets, then, really, where have you been? For us, how to stay healthy in the winter during the festive season is all about hot chocolate, crepes, mini pancakes and, of course - ice skating for balance! Enjoying ourselves is an important part of staying healthy, always remember that. 


Again, make sure you wrap up warm in lots of layers and head out to your closest markets for some winter ice skating. Most of the time this’ll be an outdoor ice rink so we’d recommend going at night, when you can see all the sparkly lights and stars in the sky. You can thank us later for this one, team.

#3. Hot Yoga Class


If you really can’t handle the cold, icy climate but you’re keen to stay fit, don’t worry! As always, we got you. 


Have a search for your closest hot yoga class and give it a try; trust us! This is essentially “normal” yoga, with a yoga mat and all the usual movements but in a hot room. This style of yoga is perfect for the cold weather; just make sure you bring a cosy oversized jumper for when you come out.

#4. Personal Trainer


How to stay healthy in winter with no motivation? If none of the above suit you and you’re still struggling to manage outdoor exercise then maybe you should try a personal trainer. 


Although they come at a cost, the results can be priceless. Not to mention they’ll support you with exercise routines and confidence building, in and out of the gym. Some personal trainers will even offer outdoor workouts, making sure you get your daily dose of fresh air.

#5. Set Goals 


Lastly, we’d suggest always setting goals. These can be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals and can be anything from ice fishing to movie marathons. Once you have your goals laid out, you’re more likely to stay focussed. 


So, if you’re aiming for that ‘new year, new you’ toned bod then paying attention to daily exercise is super important. Not only for your physical health but your mental health too!

Although keeping active and making time for those winter workouts is good, you also need to make sure you have days to reset and relax. Spend a day in your cosiest loungewear with a cuppa hot cocoa and watch your favourite movie. If you need some tips on how to stay healthy in winter through a self-care day, then check out our helpful guide.

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