Last updated: 17th October 2023

This is only the start...

This is the start of our journey and we're excited to bring you along with us. We want to be transparent with our customers, open the conversation and show our commitment to working on our environmental and social impact. Explore our sustainability hub to find out more about projects we're already working on and our plans for the future.

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We're sticking to our values

Bo+Tee is a brand with purpose. On seeing the awful poverty that many children were living in across southeast Asia, our founders Claire Henderson and Mike Branney started selling clothes on eBay and donating the profits to charity. After gaining huge success on eBay, Claire and Mike created their own websites, but the value and purpose behind the brand was never lost.

Our mission

Our brand is built on ethical values, and we believe we have a responsibility to help the planet, just as we're helping communities in southeast Asia. We're committed to giving our customers unique, high-quality designs without compromising the principles that Bo+Tee was built on.

Sustainability Spotlight

We're excited to introduce our new rental edit in partnership with ZOA!

You can now rent Bo+Tee Loungewear and Ski bundles as well as Premium Occasionwear from our sister brand, Oh Polly!

Clothing rental promotes a circular economy by extending product lifespans, reducing consumer waste, and fostering a more sustainable approach to consumption.

Rent now!

What's Next for Bo+Tee?

We know that there’s still a lot more to be done! Every year we keep getting bigger and better, which means we need to take even more responsibility for the sustainability of our brand. Over the next few years, we’re looking to:

- Review our packaging

- Invest in low impact materials

- Offer additional low impact delivery options with efficient couriers

- Provide further information about how we produce and manufacture

- Outline official targets and KPIs for the upcoming years, with a main focus for 2030

- Work with partners, who align with our values, to ensure we’re on track to hitting our goals

There are plenty of other exciting projects happening behind the scenes. We’ll make sure to keep everyone updated.