Step Up Your Gear

Here at Bo+Tee HQ, we’ve been thinking a little more about how we can all become more environmentally responsible. So we thought we’d share our research with you and our tips on how you can incorporate cycling into your everyday life. Keep reading to hear more about cycle-to-work schemes, cute date ideas and the ultimate cycle gear we couldn’t live without.

First things first, have you checked your employee benefits? It might sound silly but more times than not a company cycle to work scheme is completely overlooked. Maybe you’re unsure if you’re offered one or you simply don’t know what the scheme actually is. Not to worry team, as always, we’re here to help! 


If your work offers a cycle to work scheme then you can hire a bike, as well as having the option of safety accessories, at a tax free price and with interest free credit! This agreed cost is then deducted from your salary each month. You can find out more, calculate your costs and apply for the scheme here. If your employer doesn’t have the scheme in place, don’t worry! You can still opt to cycle to work, just check for nearby bicycle railings where your equipment will be safe while you’re in the office. 


By choosing to cycle you’ll of course improve your fitness and health. As studies show, this leads to higher productivity levels, meaning you’re extra likely to boss your week, babe! As well as the obvious environmental perks, you’ll also save yourself money on fuel, parking or public transport, alongside saving time usually spent queuing in those rush hour jams. If that ain't enough to make you at least consider it, then girl, we’re not sure what is! 

Or is cycling to work just out of the question? Maybe it’s a little too many miles or there aren’t the facilities to freshen up at the office? Well why not schedule cycling into your weekend plans? 


As soon as it hits at least ‘10 degrees and sunny’ there’s nothing we love more than a picnic at the park. You might be lucky enough to own your own chic wheels but if not, in most major cities, councils have introduced borrow-a-bike stations. At our HQ in Glasgow, we benefit from the Glasgow City Council Cycle Hire Scheme. This allows you to casually borrow a bicycle as and when you require via Nextbike for a small fee of £10 per 24 hours.


So switch up your weekend plans, find your nearest station and plan a stylish athleisure look, or even better coordinate with your bestie. Look for a scenic route, a picturesque park or if you’re fortunate enough to live near the sea then why not pedal to the beach. Make sure to pack your top-tier snacks and have your favourite playlist at the ready because team, nature is calling.


When it comes to cycle shorts, we’ve got you covered. With collections featuring every colour you could ever need, in the best seamless or ribbed materials, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one pair. So, we thought we’d give you the low down on our top four must-haves!

So let's start with ‘Change The Game’ biker shorts in coral. The luxe material and high waistband adds extra support while the bold coral shade is screaming positivity. Pair with matching ‘Circuit’ scoop neck high strap crop top for the full look, and on those extra breezy days throw on one of our ‘Breather’ oversized, branded sweatshirts. 

Next up we’ve got ‘Amplify’ ribbed waist seamless cycle shorts in green. If you don’t own a pair of ribbed cycle shorts by now then girl, where have you been? A key wardrobe staple for dressing up or down, you’re sure to be wearing these time and time again. Make sure to pair with seamless underwear and finish with an iconic Bo+Tee crop top for those laid back, comfy days.

Moving on, we’re picking our ‘Change The Game’ seamless biker shorts again, but this time in pink! Now, we might be biased, but we have to say; these classic shorts are the best in the biz. Available in a variety of sunset inspired colourways, we’re sure to have a shade you’ll love! High waisted with mid-thigh length, the simple design of our ‘Change The Game’ shorts make them the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.

Last but by no means least, we’ve got our ‘Transition’ contrast waist cycling shorts in blue. Featuring a smooth slinky fabric, as well as sweat and squat proof technology, it’s clear to see why we adore these! Designed in an athletic fit with support and stretch, these shorts will make sure you’re ready for anything. Simply chuck on a matching sports bra and oversized tee for a look that's casual yet cute. Or why not try styling with an oversized blazer and a chunky pair of trainers for brunch with the girls. 

As always, remember to tag us @boandtee and show us how you style your workout looks - you might even feature in our ‘Tagged in Bo+Tee’ story! Make sure you stay in the loop with our latest collections and be the first to know about new releases by downloading our app today, or by signing up to our exclusive newsletter.