Squat Proof Bottoms

It’s time to add some sculpt and shape to your workout wardrobe team, with our iconic squat proof bottoms. Feel secure and confident while you workout and let our trusted bottoms carry you through your session with ease.



Are you all about strengthening that peach in style? Us too. That’s why when we create our shorts and leggings for each collection, we do so with sculpting booties in mind. We’re all about using the most supporting and sculpting fabrics that don’t compromise ease of movement. We think about fit and form above all else, and how each piece is going to make you look and feel. After all, we want all of our customers to feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on anything, anywhere.


That’s exactly why we use squat proof, sweat proof materials and body shaping technology to achieve the most complimentary styles. Not only that, these styles are super flattering and functional, ensuring you stay supported throughout your workout. Our range of ultra contouring, booty-sculpting leggings and shorts are sure to add shape to your everyday routine. Choose from a variety of supportive, high-waisted pieces in a mix of stylish, fashion-forward shades, designed to accentuate your figure and flatter you in movement.



These trusted, iconic bottoms were crafted from super comfortable fabrics that were made for looking good and staying secure while you work out. We can guarantee that our squat proof leggings will carry you through any activity with ease. And did we mention they’re available to shop in petite? So you can browse our wide selection and find the perfect ones for your body and favourite exercise style. There’s no confidence and motivation boost quite like a fresh new gym set, so what’re you waiting for team Bo+Tee?


Check out our activewear bottoms today to see how our form enhancing technology can support you in and out of the gym. After all, if you’re going to work so hard on building your booty you might as well show it off, right?



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