10 Reasons to Walk Everyday

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible ways of exercising, not to mention the huge list of health benefits. We’re sure you’ve probably heard the phrase “getting your steps in” and today we’re sharing with you exactly why that’s important.


Below you’ll find Bo+Tee’s top 10 reasons to walk everyday. Whether you’re switching the bus for walking on your way to work, choosing stairs over the lift or parking that little bit further away in the car park - you’re on the right track! So, if you want to know exactly why we preach the importance of walking then keep scrolling down…



Bo+Tee’s 10 Reasons to Walk Everyday

Reason 1: It reduces stress and boosts self-esteem 


If you ever find yourself in a stressful situation then why not try going for a walk? You’re bound to find that you come back more calm and collected and ready to continue your day. Walking has been proven to increase positivity and self-esteem which makes it the perfect lunchtime activity.


Reason 2: It gives you energy


As we mentioned above, walking is the perfect lunchtime activity. Not only does it reduce stress and boost self-esteem but it also gives you energy to power through your afternoon with ease, both pretty good reasons to walk everyday in our opinion! If you can’t manage to get outside during your lunch break then you should try to “get some steps in” around the office or your house.



Reason 3: It increases your brain power


Walking will help you to focus and concentrate throughout your day. If you’ve got a brainstorming session or important meeting then why not reschedule it from being in your usual meeting room to outside. Walking meetings can be great to get fresh air, achieve your step goal for the day and focus your mind. It’s a win win if you’re asking us!


Reason 4: It’s great for weight management


Next in our list of reasons to walk everyday is that it’s great for weight management. If you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight then walking will be your best friend. Start small by walking for 10-20 minutes per day, then once you’re into a good routine gradually increase your time. Once you feel comfortable, aim for around 10,000 steps per day. 


If you don’t enjoy walking alone then why not take a friend along with you? You could set weekly targets and compete with each other. If none of your friends are up for the challenge then a podcast or upbeat playlist is sure to get you through.



Reason 5: It improves bone and muscle strength


Lifting weights and bodyweight exercises are great for sustaining healthy, strong bones. As you age naturally your bones become more weak, however movements such as walking can help reduce this. This’ll ultimately help with preventing unwanted injury in later life, which is why this is on our list of reasons to walk everyday!


Reason 6: It’s the perfect excuse for a new activewear set


Not to be biased but this perk is definitely our fave! There’s no motivation quite like a new gym set so why not treat yourself to a matching sports bra and leggings set to help you on your way. Of course you’ll also need to pick yourself up a crop top and shorts set for those warm sunny days - we’d recommend the Invigorate mini shorts and Progression cropped t-shirt.



Reason 7: It’ll get your outdoors


If you need a push to get yourself outdoors each day then this is it. Fresh air and being in nature works wonders for your mental health so try and get into the routine of walking outdoors, if you can. Look up local walking trails near you and try out a scenic walk somewhere new, you could even turn it into a day trip and take a friend and a picnic. 


Reason 8: It helps save money


Instead of taking the car and having to pay for fuel, and likely parking, why not try walking? If you’re a sensible distance away then walking to your destination can help with getting your daily steps done and saving money. Sounds good to us! 



Reason 9: Improves sleep


Increasing your daily exercise can help to improve the quality of your sleep, meaning you’ll wake up feeling well rested and refreshed in the morning. It’s recommended that adults get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night so if you struggle with this then walking could help. Be careful not to over-exercise immediately before bed or this could make you feel more awake and alert, and ultimately worsen your sleep.


Reason 10: Meet new people


Last on our list of reasons to walk everyday is it will help you to meet new people! If you start incorporating walking more into your daily routine then you might find that you love it so much you want to go the extra mile. You could join a walking club or meet up with likeminded people who also love walking to discover new trails.



The Final Step


We hope our 10 reasons to walk everyday have convinced you to get out there and get your steps in. Walking is great in so many ways and such an important exercise to keep you feeling fit and healthy while maintaining a fresh mindset. 


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