5 Benefits of Pilates

Starting  the gym can be intimidating and often discouraging. Am I using the equipment right? Are people looking at me? Is this workout I’m doing toning my body at all? 


We all know that regular movement is so important to keep our bodies feeling healthy and happy yet for many of us, our lack of confidence in the gym can often be a barrier to reaching our full potential. 


Not only this, it's often hard to keep consistency in life when your schedule is full and that walk or journey to the gym eats up precious time.  If you are reading this and thinking it’s relevant to you, don’t worry, we have your solution - PILATES!


Pilates has become the ‘it girl’ exercise of the season. With top models such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner swearing by it as their key to keeping their bodies gorgeous, lean and toned, Pilates has risen to the top of the exercise pyramid!


Need to know more? Keep scrolling below for all the important stuff. Including the top 5 benefits of Pilates, free Pilates platforms and communities for you & basic ways to incorporate Pilates into your busy routine.



Top 5 Benefits of Pilates


#1. Decrease in overall stress levels 

Of course Pilates, being a form of exercise boosts your endorphins which in turn makes you feel happy and positive. But Pilates can combat stress for other reasons also. Throughout your day your body can build up muscle tension due to your strenuous daily activities and motions. Pilates helps stretch and activate the muscles in your body which metabolises the stress hormones and leaves you feeling relaxed.



#2. Strengthens and tones your whole body

If you’re looking to lean and tone your full body, Pilates is for you. By incorporating low impact movements that tone multiple body parts using mind-muscle connection, Pilates leaves you with a perfectly proportionate, strong body.


#3. You can lower or up the intensity

The great thing about Pilates is you can choose your limits. If you’re just starting out you can stick to the no-equipment Pilates style workout, or if you’re up for a challenge you can incorporate weights. Both are effective and as you strengthen your body you’ll naturally increase the intensity of your workouts.



#4. Increases flexibility

Studies have shown that just 20 Pilates sessions can result in a 20% increase in flexibility.

So, if the reason you don't think Pilates is for you is because you’re not flexible enough then here’s your sign to start! Whole body flexibility will also allow you to excel in many life activities. 


#5. You can do it at home

There’s literally nothing stopping you doing Pilates, all you need is a mat and you can do this exercise at home. SO grab yourself a new Bo+Tee activewear set, step onto that mat and fall in love with strengthening your body from the inside out.


Find Your Community


3 Completely Free Pilates YouTube Channels


#1. Sanne Vloet 




#2. Move with Nicole 




#3. Caroline Deisler 




3 Tips To Get You Started


#1. Get a cute outfit 


Shop our new matching sets today.


#2. Buy a mat


Shop Pilates mats and get them sent to your home in as quick as 24 hours :)!


#3. Start with 20 minutes 


If you think 30 minutes - 1 hour of Pilates will be too long for you, set a goal to do 20 minutes a day for your first 2 weeks. You’ll be surprised about how quickly these 20 minutes become a habit that your body will crave. As soon as you feel you could push yourself a bit harder, change the duration of your workout and soon you’ll be a Pilates pro! 


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