Tips On Finding The Best Gym Wear!

When finding the best gym wear online there are many things to consider. Sometimes the pages upon pages of sportswear brands can be overwhelming and you don’t know where to start or what to look for.


If you’re a fitness fanatic with an entire workout wardrobe but you’re stuck in the routine of always purchasing the same colours, styles and shapes then this one’s for you too! Today we’re sharing with you our helpful guide on how to find the best gym wear, newbie or not. 


Here at Bo+Tee we pride ourselves on staple, sexy womens activewear that avoids the category of “see through gym clothes” and is sure to last a lifetime. Whether you’re on the hunt for regular, petite or tall activewear for spin, HIIT or yoga, we got the best gym wear for you! 


So team, grab a drink of your choice and get comfy while you scroll through our top 8 things to consider when buying activewear. It’s time to create that fashion-forward, best gym kit you’ve been dreaming of…



#1. Look at what you’ve got


Firstly, to find the best activewear wardrobe,  we’d suggest emptying out that workout wardrobe you’ve been building over the years to see what you already have and where there’s gaps. Have a good activewear clear out and make space for some timeless, better gym wear pieces you’ll get lots of wear out of. 

If you’re building the best workout wardrobe from scratch then you can skip this tip and instead think about what you really need to get you going. We’d recommend a staple pair of full length leggings, shorts, a light-weight cardigan and long sleeve activewear top of your choice.



#2. Know your sport 


It’s important to know what’s best for your chosen sport, or if you’re not focused on just one sport in particular then you need all-round gym gear. Knowing your sport will also help you when it comes to choosing the right support for you, particularly when it comes to sports bras.


For example, you might not want to wear an activewear crop top to a hot yoga class, instead you could opt for a stylish sports bra. Or, instead of wearing high waist leggings and long sleeve gym tops to spin you might just wear mini shorts and a t-shirt.



#3. Perfect your size 


The best gym wear styles involve having the best sizing too. This could arguably be one of the hardest steps to perfect, especially if you’re ordering from a new brand you’ve never tried before. Always check the brands online size guide against your own person measurements and look at the sizes the models are photographed wearing. For all you petite and tall women, look for specific ranges to suit you. This’ll help you get the ideal leg length and not have any awkwardly cropped or long leggings.

Sometimes you’ll also get some sizing information in the product description section online - so make sure to check there too! And as a last resort, check the brands returns policy so if your item doesn’t fit properly and you need to swap it for a bigger or smaller size you can with ease.



#4. Think about the fabric 


Always read up on the fabric for the best gym wear items! You want to choose sweat wicking fabric that’ll keep you cool and dry through those sweaty sessions, especially if you tend to do high intensity workouts. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new yoga set then look for fabric that offers stretch and flexibility as well as being thick, premium quality to avoid any embarrassing see through moments.

At Bo+Tee we’re proud of our stylish yet functional workout clothes that offer quality that’s a cut above the rest. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect set whatever your sport of choice, or even if it’s just for lounging in!



#5. Value for money 


When it comes to finding the best gym wear, cheap isn’t always best. As the phrase goes “you get what you pay for” and the last thing you want is to be constantly replacing broken gym leggings and sports tops due to poor quality.


 As mentioned before, look at the fabric type, does it seem long-lasting and durable? Look out for any premium features and high-end finishing touches. Lastly, think about the value the item will bring you and how it’ll enhance your performance.



#6. Multi-purpose pieces 


If you regularly chop and change between body pump and yoga gym classes then why not try to get your hands on a gym kit that’ll suit both? Try to choose moisture wicking sets that offer support and flexibility and you’ll be good to go!

We love wearing out sets to the gym but we also love athleisure styling for brunch, shopping and day-to-day looks. Bo+Tee activewear doubles as both performance workout staples and stylish pieces you can rely on all day, every day.



#7. Keep it stylish 


The best gym wear here at Bo + Tee is created for the people who want to stand out at the squat rack. We want to inspire confidence in the gym and beyond, and a supportive Bo+Tee set always helps you to look and feel your best.

Choose your gym gear wisely so you know you have the best gym wear, and you’ll always look fashionable in and out of the gym. You want a set that’ll serve you both comfort and style and we might be biassed but our activewear does just that.


#8. Read reviews 


It’s always a good idea to check for any online reviews. Look at TikTok and YouTube “try on hauls” or check out what your favourite Instagram influencers have to say about the brand. 


We hope our top 8 tips for finding the best gym wear has been helpful, whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one. Our best gym clothes and loungewear make for the perfect gift, whatever the occasion so make sure to check out our Activewear Gift Guide for some extra buying tips. 

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