Best Booty Workouts You Can Do At Home By Jackie

It’s time to welcome our next guest blogger on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room, the gorgeous Jackie! Jackie’s a 35-year-old fitness influencer who moved from Thailand to Australia.


She’s always posting workout content, as well as food ideas and helpful tips and tricks for all round healthy living. You might already follow her on Instagram and/or TikTok, if you do you’ll know her better by her handle @jackie.jackieo but if not then you need to check her out!



Today Jackie’s here to help you build a booty using her best booty workout! She’s taking us through an intense booty and leg burner that you can do at home. But don’t worry if you don’t have a dumbbell, try using something else you’ve got lying around such as a bottle of water. Or if you’ve not worked out in a while then start by only using bodyweight.


In order to have the best booty workout make sure you perform all of the exercises demonstrated by Jackie with minimal rest in between. You can rest after you’ve finished 1 set then start everything all over again until you’ve finished 3 sets. 


Let's go team and get ready to smash the best booty workout! Don’t forget to do it in style, so get your gym shorts and crop top on and you’re good to go. 



First up is goblet squats. 

For this exercise, do 15 reps and repeat 3x


Note: Make sure you engage your glute muscles doing this one in order to grow the peachiest peach.



Moving on to stiff leg deadlifts.

Do the same again for this exercise, 15 reps and repeat 3x


Note: Watch Jackie’s technique and form. Try practicing this in front of a mirror if you’re not used to this type of exercise. This’ll help you avoid any back pain or other injury.



Next we’ve got glute bridges.

For this one increase to 20 reps and repeat 3x 


Note: You should really feel your booty burning with this one!



Time for some more deadlifts but this time let's make them sumo as part of our best booty workout.

Once you’re in position, do 15 reps and repeat 3x


Note: Again, watch Jackie’s technique and form and try your best to copy her. As we mentioned before, doing it in front of a mirror always helps!



Next up, it’s donkey kicks.

Increase to 20 reps each side for this one and repeat 3x


Note: This is another one that’ll really get your booty burning!



Moving on to some back lunges.

Do this exercise 15 reps each side and repeat 3x


Note: If you’re starting to struggle then drop your weights. If you’re already using bodyweight then take a longer break between each set - don’t give up!



Last but by no means least in our best booty workout, split squats.

Finish up with 15 reps each side and repeat 3x


And you’re done! You should all be feeling the booty and leg burn after completing our best booty workout, we know we certainly are! Please remember to do a proper cool down and stretch out your muscles. This’ll help reduce your aches and tight muscles tomorrow. Looking for home workout style inspo? Shop our gym short sets


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