10 Hacks to Boost Productivity

It’s time to make this season your most productive yet with our top 10 favourite brain hacks that are sure to help you achieve all of your goals. In this blog we’re going to dive deep into the world of procrastination and energy dips to make sure that you, our Bo+Tee team, are feeling focussed and full of energy. 


Everyone has that time of day where all they can think about is a nap. For us it’s 3pm where you’re nearing the end of your working day, but you’re not quite there yet. University, college and work environments can be loud, busy, and very fast-paced so it’s important you’re always on your A-game. It’s times like these that we’d recommend using one of the tips listed below. Once you’ve tried a few you’ll get to grips on which one works best for you, this’ll be your ultimate hack to improving productivity.



Productivity Hack 1: Set Daily Goals


Tip number 1 is to start your day by setting some goals. Make sure these are a list of achievable daily tasks that you’ll manage to get through and tick each one off as you’ve completed it. 


Try to make sure you’re focussed on one goal at a time and don’t start several and leave them all incomplete. Not only will you get lots of satisfaction from ticking off your list but the mind hack will motivate you to go on and achieve more. 


If you find this is something that helps you, start to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals and watch as you reach them all.



Productivity Hack 2: Take Breaks


When you’re focussed on what you’re doing it’s not uncommon to forget about giving yourself a break. Try to remember to get up and refill your water bottle, grab a cup of tea or coffee or even go for a walk and get some fresh air. Try to resist the temptation to pick up your phone and scroll through social media as this won’t let your mind fully switch off and reset.


You could try taking up 10 minutes of yoga or meditation to allow yourself to completely detach from what you were working on. Taking regular breaks really will do your productivity levels the world of good. 



Productivity Hack 3: Stay Hydrated


Keeping yourself hydrated is also super important when it comes to productivity. Make sure you’re not dehydrated by drinking at least 1 glass of water every couple of hours. This will help you to concentrate and make good decisions as you’ll feel much more alert and ready to tackle the day.


You shouldn’t aim to drink lots of water at once; however, make sure you distribute your daily intake over the course of the day. Everyone’s daily water intake tends to be different so make sure you drink the right amount for you.



Productivity Hack 4: Create a Working Space


If you’re studying or working from home, make sure you dedicate an area for you to call your workspace. This will mean that you can work from here on a daily basis and once you’re finished it can be forgotten about for the rest of the day.


If you’re asking us, this is one of our most important productivity tips. As soon as you disassociate your work from your relaxation areas you’ll find that you’re able to completely switch off much easier.



Productivity Hack 5: Share Your Successes


Once you’ve achieved a goal, particularly one that’s taken you lots of time and effort, make sure you share it with your team. Whether that’s your classmates, colleagues, friends or family, it’s important to share your successes however big or small.


This will help boost your productivity and determination, and will push you on to achieve more and more. You’ve put in the grind so make sure to celebrate!



Productivity Hack 6: Know When to Say “No”


We can all be guilty of always saying “yes” to avoid letting people down. However, you don’t want to take on so much that you can’t complete your daily tasks and achieve your goals. You also want to avoid compromising on quality for quantity.


That’s why it’s important to know when to say “no”. By doing this you’ll be able to save time to maximise your productivity in other areas, making sure that all of your work is the best it can be.



Productivity Hack 7: Take Time to Workout


Change into your favourite Bo+Tee set, grab your water bottle and stick on your ultimate go-to playlist and head to the gym. Working out releases endorphins, otherwise known as the “happy hormone” which will give you the boost you need to have an all-round productive day.


For this to work you don’t need to work out for hours on end. You could start off by going for a morning run before you start your day, or why not try a quick 10 minute HIIT session.



Productivity Hack 8: Schedule Your Chores


To avoid your brain wandering off and thinking about when you need to do the washing or clean your home, make sure you schedule your chores. Create a weekly calendar of what chores you’ll do on each day, you can even schedule them right down to the hour, minute and second.


Once you’ve got these under control you’ll be able to focus on important tasks without wasting time. This will also help you to completely focus on your chores when the time comes so that you can power through and get them done.



Productivity Hack 9: Keep a Positive Mindset


Keeping a positive mindset can sometimes be easier said than done. However, as we mentioned before, feeling happy and positive often boosts your productivity levels. We’d recommend meditating, working out and socialising as the first steps to a positive mindset.


You can also listen to lots of mindset shifting podcasts to help you understand what would work best for you. Remember to always take time for yourself and make sure you do the things you love to do.



Productivity Hack 10: Create a Good Night-time Routine


Our last productivity tip would be to make sure you create a good night-time routine. Of course this will look different to everyone, so make sure that your routine is right for you. 


If you like skincare and 10 hours sleep, then this should be factored in. Or if you like reading and cups of tea, then these should be your night-time priorities. Whatever they may be, we’d always recommend putting your phone down an hour before bed to allow yourself to completely switch off and get a good night's sleep.


Avoid spending too much time scrolling through social media, checking your emails, responding to emails or Googling random thoughts that come to your head at 10pm. By doing this you should be able to fall asleep seamlessly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another productive day.



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