Q&A with Brit Manuela

We caught up with our girl Brit about all things Unstoppable x Brit Manuela, her very own collection. She told us about the start of her fitness journey, why she chose to collab with Bo+Tee and even revealed her go-to workout song.


Scroll below to find out more about Brit, the range and why you need to pick it up today! Trust us; these styles never stick around for long…



Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did your love for fitness really kick start?


I’ve always been an athlete and involved in sports throughout school; my main two were softball and dance, but my parents made it a point for me to try every sport at least once. 


My love for fitness really kick started when I was able to focus on making it a part of my everyday lifestyle, even with the craziness of work and life, after I graduated school. 


To be able to incorporate that time for myself, to better myself mentally and physically gave me a whole new meaning and love for it. I wasn’t just training for sports, I was training to be a better version of myself!



 What made you decide to collaborate with Bo+Tee?


I decided to collaborate with Bo+Tee because I really feel their core values as a brand are very respectable. They have an amazing work environment with some of the most kind hearted and best people on their team and I love how they’re constantly raising the bar on their styles and creative directing. 


It’s an honour to be working with such an awesome brand behind-the-scenes and to put out something I am proud of!



 What’s your current go-to workout song?


I have so many workout songs that get me motivated but I have to say I am really feeling the song Dancin’ by Adrian and Luvli; it just puts me in such a feel good mood which makes me want to dance and move my body!



Love from, Brit;


"I’ve had such a fun time shooting this collection and I’m always so grateful and happy to put out pieces that I can see on others. Every time I’m tagged or see someone wearing my collection and what they’re doing in it whether it’s yoga, workout, leisure; it makes me so happy to see people enjoying it as much as I do."



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