The Health Benefits Of A Cold Shower

If you’re asking us, the last thing we want to do first thing in the morning is jump into the shower and crank the temperature down to blue. It seems slightly mad that those showers we dread when we’re the last one up in the morning could actually be good for us, but they are! 


While streaming warm, cosy water before you start your long day at work might feel amazing, showering your hair and body in icy water temperatures also has many hidden perks. Keep scrolling while we uncover some of the health benefits of cold showers, as well as answering a handful of common questions....





Taking a cold shower can help the body and the mind. If you google ‘cold water therapy’ then we can guarantee you’ll come across a man named Wim Hof, a Dutch athlete who swears by the healing powers of icy waters. 


He’s well known for his extremist beliefs and that’s exactly how the Wim Hof Method now exists - you should check it out, it's super interesting! We’re guessing you’ll probably still need a bit of convincing, right? So let’s kickstart with the health benefits of cold showers:


1. Helps improve your circulation


This is the no.1 health benefit of cold showers and why experts suggest taking cold showers!


2. Gives you glowy hair & skin


Although scientific research for the health benefits of cold showers is limited, we found some interesting details over on Holland & Barrett. They say: 


“Rinsing yourself off with cold water after you’ve shampooed could make your hair appear shinier. That’s because warm water opens up the follicles in our hair so they can be cleaned and conditioned.

 Cold water, on the other hand, closes these follicles up, locking in any moisture and reducing the risk of your hair becoming dry and brittle over time.”



3. Helps reduce muscle soreness after working out


The regenerative properties and health benefits of a cold shower help your muscles to relax and repair. We’d assume this one’s the reason for so many athletes being on board. 


4. May help stress & depression


Cold showers may help improve your mood. Hydrotherapy has been used as a stress-relieving technique for a long time and having a cold shower to reduce your body temperature is believed to have the same effect. They help your brain to boost energy levels, leaving you feeling alert and ready to seize the day.


5. May increase weight loss


This one we found a little crazy! Studies show that the health benefits of cold showers (and being exposed to icy temperatures) can even boost your metabolism. 


They also encourage brown fat to generate heat, which happens by burning fat. These brown fat cells tend to be around the neck and shoulders - so perfect for in the shower! (Healthline)





In short, yes they are. Exposure to cold water benefits the mind and body.  Improving circulation, skin & hair, muscle soreness, stress & depression and they may also boost weight loss! 




30 seconds - 2 minutes. 


Start with your usual cosy shower and gradually turn the temperature down until you begin to feel uncomfortable. Make sure you don’t overdo it! You’ll know yourself how long and cold you can stand for. (MedicalNewsToday)





Both are just as good! The difference is the health benefits of a cold shower vs the benefits of a hot shower. Make sure to research both and see which suits you and your lifestyle best. You could stick with a happy medium lukewarm shower, or why not try alternating between hot and cold? 




Cold showers will only temporarily tighten your skin as they constrict blood flow. Our gym leggings are certain to cinch your waist however!




We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the health benefits of cold showers  and hope you’ve learned something new. Maybe you’ll even be tempted by the blue bar next time you’re having a wash!


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