Creating Healthy Habits

Creating a morning routine and creating healthy habits that suit you are key to finding structure in your daily life. We promise that your morning routine doesn’t have to be as aesthetic as the ‘That Girl’ trend makes it seem. Creating healthy habits and implementing an elaborate routine into your life isn’t as easy as it appears online. So, it is essential to create a morning routine that’s catered to you and your specific needs.


Choose your habits with intention. Focus on what you struggle with, how you’d ideally want to feel throughout the day, and your personal values. Then ask yourself, what morning habits would make you feel this way, address your struggles and embrace your values?



Ask yourself why you want to implement specific activities into your day. If you don’t have an immediate answer, this may not be for you! Taking up a habit just because it’s good for you won’t cut it, you truly need to align your habits with your values, since this means that you’re far more likely to stick to them. 


Habits work when you address a problem in your life. Maybe you’re lacking energy? Lacking inspiration? Creating a healthy habit you like will fix this!



#1. Meditation


If you often speak to yourself negatively, get overwhelmed throughout the day, or just want some alone time with your thoughts, a morning meditation is a great way to reduce stress, rewire your attitudes, and start your day with purpose, creating healthy habits that are accessible to everyone.


You can adapt this to suit you and your morning routine, for example, by choosing to start your day off with a 5-minute self-compassion meditation to focus on your attitudes towards self-love, you’re creating healthy habits that can follow you through time. We love using the ‘Headspace’ app, but there are many guided meditations available on YouTube too! Pop on some loungewear, relax and tap into your spiritual world.


#2. Planning


If you strive to be productive and want to grow as a person (whether this is also within your career, your education, your daily life), planning your activities and tasks for the day, as well as setting goals, is so beneficial. 


It may suit you to do this in the evening, plan your tasks for the day ahead, or set aside time to do this alongside your morning coffee. Spend time brainstorming every appointment you may need to make, things you may need to buy, or people you need to catch up with. Having a physical list will really help you to clear any mental clutter and truly focus your day.


#3. Exercise


If you struggle to workout in the mornings, you may find it easier to focus on the instant rewards of exercising, rather than on your long-term workout goals. Creating healthy habits by adding 30 minutes of physical activity in the morning releases endorphins, so you may want to implement this into your routine to allow you to feel energised for the rest of the day! 


To make this activity easier, design your environment so that you don’t waste time preparing. This could be laying out your gym set before you go to bed, planning which exercises you’re going to do when you reach the gym, or even mapping the route to get to your workout class.



#4. Journaling


Writing down your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis is key to understanding the physical, mental and social aspects of yourself. Not only does it help you prioritise your problems, fears and any worries that you may have, but journaling also helps you track recurring thoughts and feelings, providing mental clarity to help you find ways to control, change or understand them.


Whether you keep a gratitude journal to promote positive thinking and self-talk or simply write a few pages of your stream of consciousness in the morning, creating healthy habits this way will significantly improve your mental wellness.



#5. Nutrition


Creating healthy habits that can start at breakfast in the morning is so important since it gives you energy for the day. But, just because someone on TikTok said that drinking a green smoothie in the morning is healthy, it doesn’t mean that you have to! 


If you want to make a habit of eating a healthy breakfast every day, you have to eat what you enjoy and what makes you feel good. Make it a little easier for yourself and plan ahead of time, finding fun recipes that you’ll enjoy eating!


Being consistent in every area of your life, every single day, can be extremely overwhelming and a very difficult task! The more rigid your routine, the more you may struggle to keep up and the less self-compassion you may have. Therefore, flexibility is essential.



Rather than romanticising your mornings and imagining that you will never wake up late, or wake up feeling anxious or stressed, plan for these days! Condense your routine and your morning habits so that you can still complete them, just not as extensively. Rather than journaling for 10 minutes, write down three things that are stressing you out, and what you can do to overcome them. Creating healthy habits should be a process and they come in all shapes and forms.


Make some toast and a smoothie if you happen to be running late, instead of spending an hour making something really indulgent! Adapting your routine to be more simple means that it’s very low-pressure, and can help you to be more consistent!


The key to maintaining and creating healthy habits is to focus on not putting too much pressure on yourself. For example, keeping track of your habits and making a note of how many times you stick to them throughout the week is ideal! At the end of the week or the end of a month, you can reflect on your consistency and see what you may need to change or adapt to make it easier for you to live a healthy lifestyle.



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