Delicious & Easy Protein Shakes

Ready to try new, delicious and easy protein shakes to make at home? We’ve compiled some of team Bo+Tee’s all time favourite protein shake recipes so that you can try them for yourself. And the best part? All of the recipes can be made at home with a few simple ingredients. 


One key ingredient that you’ll need to make all of the below recipes is protein powder. There’s a huge variety of flavours when it comes to protein powders so make sure you choose one that suits whichever protein shake you’re making.


It’s time to change into your favourite Bo+Tee matching set, grab a pen and paper to note down your shopping list and delve into the world of delicious and easy protein shakes to make at home…


3 TikTok Trending Easy Protein Shakes to Make at Home


Protein Shake Recipe 1: Peanut Butter & Banana


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For this peanut butter and banana goodness you’ll need: unsweetened almond milk, peanut butter, frozen banana and protein powder. Blitz everything together in your blender and voila - your first delicious and easy protein shake is ready to enjoy!


Protein Shake Recipe 2: Banana, Chocolate & Coconut


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Next up you’ll need: a banana, dates, chocolate and coconut protein powder, plant-based milk and ice. Add the ingredients to your blender, blitz it up and you’re good to go! 


Protein Shake Recipe 3: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cacao, Date & Banana


@courtneyycahoon Replying to @therealtoriallen the ultimate protein shake🥹 #proteinshake #recipe #healthyliving #macros #foodie #workout #food #protein ♬ original sound - CourtneyCahoon


For this delicious and easy protein shake recipe to make at home you’ll need: ice, oat milk, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, cacao, dates, non-dairy oat creamer and half a banana. Add your ingredients to your blender, give them a good mix and enjoy!

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