Eco-Friendly Changes To Be More Sustainable

As you probably already know, Bo+Tee is committed to taking positive steps towards being a more sustainable brand. Not to worry if this is the first you’ve heard, you can read all about our Environmental Manifesto.


It’s easy to read up on how we’re doing, but have you ever really thought about your own carbon footprint and the impact that you personally have? 


Today we’re here to help you with how to get motivated to change your lifestyle, with our eco-friendly changes to be more sustainable. We’re bringing you our best tips and tricks of small changes that you can make in a move towards a healthy, greener planet.



Our Eco-Friendly Changes



The first of our eco-friendly changes we could all achieve is making use of public parks and beautiful outdoor spaces for our weekly workouts. We’re by no means saying to part ways with your favourite gym, because team, that would be crazy. But, why not try doing one HIIT per week outside rather than in and see how it goes. 


You could also spend some time researching new scenic walks near your home that you could explore while aiming for those 10K daily steps! If you’re a devoted gym bunny, like many of us, then why not start your workout that little bit early. 


You could try walking, running or cycling to your local gym rather than taking the car or public transport as part of your eco-friendly changes, after all, those warm, lighter summer nights are definitely the time to start. Even if you began by only doing this for 50% of the time, it would make a difference! This is a great place to start with your eco-friendly changes.





Next up, we’re talking water bottles and take-away coffee cups. In case you didn’t already know, plastics take around 700 years to dissolve and are the reason we have a huge plastic pollution crisis, and this is why it is an important part of our eco-friendly changes. 


Due to being made from oil, they’re near enough impossible to biodegrade and cause lots of harm to sea and wildlife. You can do your bit to help the global issue by switching from plastic containers to reusable ones, and one of the most obvious eco-friendly changes is your everyday water bottle. 


There are now loads of options, from the likes of S’well and Chilly’s, where you can pick a plain, patterned or even personalised reusable bottle of your choice. Most of which have special technology, keeping your water at those fresh, icy temperatures.


As well as your water bottles, you can also switch to reusable coffee cups for that pre or post-workout boost for another eco-friendly change. By doing this, not only are you continuing to help free our planet of toxic plastics but most cafes will honour your drink at a discounted price! Saving the planet AND your money? While giving you the perfect prop for that insta-shot in your fave Bo+Tee set? What’s not to love, team! 


The last thing we think is an easy eco-friendly change might not be quite as obvious as the two above. It’s a product you’d likely use after working out to clean your hair, shampoo packaging. 


Did you know that liquid shampoo is 70-80% water? (The Zero Waste Memoirs) As soon as you remove all of the water content, you are left with the product goodness that many big brands are now selling as zero waste shampoo bars. As these tend to be made ethically and eco-friendly, it also means that the majority are paraben free, silicon free, phthalate free, palm oil free, cruelty free and vegan! This makes it one of the best eco-friendly changes you can make that will have very little difference to your routine.





It’s time to discuss the importance of buying good quality clothing that you know will last as part of our eco-friendly changes. Did you know that the clothing and textiles industry is responsible for 8-10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of wastewater pollution worldwide, $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and lack of recycling? (The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion


This happens as many brands don’t work closely with the factories that manufacture their clothing. This also means that they have absolutely no idea of how much waste they produce while their items move down the production line. Our founders set up our two main factories and we have a responsibility contract with the others. You can read more about our commitment to the climate here.


If you’re a savvy shopper who likes to use Depop, eBay or similar then you’re probably already aware of how many Bo+Tee tops, gym leggings and loungewear sets end up being listed for resale. Ultimately we feel that this is down to the premium quality, thick materials used to create each and every Bo+Tee collection, giving them a much longer lifespan. Our gym leggings are squat proof and our cuts are classic, providing you with workout staples that can be worn time and time again.


Our Final Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Changes 


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning some more about how we can all do our bit towards a greener planet with our eco-friendly changes. If you ever feel a lack of motivation then make sure to head back to our Locker Room blog. Here we’ll provide you with our best tips and tricks to stay motivated with everything from lifestyle to styling, workouts to eating healthy. 


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