Full Body Circuit Workout At Home With Domi Waffles

Today in Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’ve got our girl and fitness guru, Domi Waffles. Here to push you to your limits with her full body circuit workout at home! Trust us when we say; this one’s guaranteed to work up a sweat, team...



Keep scrolling below where Domi will take you through her full body circuit workout at home, including a single leg thrust, tension cossacks, split lunge, side lying hip raise, step up’s and frog pumps. Be careful not to push yourself too hard, especially if you’re not used to intense workouts. Only do what feels right for you and your body and build yourself up session by session - there’s no rush! 


Although Domi’s in a gym you can also do this full body circuit workout at home. The entire circuit is bodyweight and all you’ll need is something to lean on, if you have a heavy sofa that isn’t likely to slide then that’ll do you perfectly. 


To get the best out of your workout make sure you perform all of the exercises demonstrated by Domi and repeat for 4 rounds. No full body circuit workout at home is complete without looking great, so make sure to shop our matching gym sets to look as good as you feel!



First up is single leg thrusts. 

For this exercise, do 12 reps each side


Note: Watch Domi’s technique, you don’t want to overarch your back and cause pain.



Moving on to tension cossacks.

For this exercise, do 15 reps in total 


Note: You should perform this one slowly, it’s not a race. Keep the tension and stay low and you’ll really feel the burn!



Next we’ve got split lunges.

For this exercise, do 10 reps each side


Note: Make sure you’re a comfortable distance from the bench (or sofa!), not too close but not overstretched.



Time to do a side lying hip raise.

Once you’re in position, do 12 reps each side


Note: Watch Domi’s technique and form and try your best to copy her. Doing it in front of a mirror always helps!



Next up, step up’s.

For this exercise, do 10 reps each side 


Note: This one’s sure to get those legs burning - don’t give up!



Last but not least, it’s frog pumps.

For this exercise, do 15 reps in total 


Note: Really focus on engaging your glutes for this one if you’re aiming for the perfect peach.


And you’re done with this full body circuit workout at home! You should all be feeling the burn after that one, we know we certainly are! Please remember to do a proper cool down and stretch out your muscles. This’ll help reduce your aches and tight muscles tomorrow. You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself to some chill time in our loungewear sets, you deserve it…


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