Work Experience at Bo+Tee

Interested in completing work experience with Bo+Tee?


We chatted to Emily Whitehorn, our most recent student to complete 1 months work experience. She shared with us some insider knowledge when it comes to completing work experience in the fast-paced fashion and activewear industry.


Keep scrolling below to find out more about what she’s been getting up to, what she’s found most shocking and what she plans to do next. If you’re interested in a role at Bo+Tee, make sure to check out our careers page and give us a follow on LinkedIn!



How did you decide you wanted to do work experience with Bo+Tee?


In February this year I became a gym fanatic; I spend all of my free time there and I absolutely love lifting weights. As a result, I’ve become really interested in fitness clothing brands and so working at Bo+Tee is really perfect for me!


What sorts of things are you doing during your work experience with the brand?


Oh, all sorts! So far I’ve:

#1: Packed customers’ orders in the warehouse

#2: Quality checked items

#3: Named some of the upcoming collections

#4: Liaised with and messaged celebrities to arrange brand deals

#5: Recruited new girls for paid and unpaid promotions

#6: Created PR boxes


I also have two projects that I’m currently working on throughout my time here which I’ll present to the team at the end of the month.


What are you enjoying most about your time with Bo+Tee?


Having the opportunity to take part in so many new experiences and learn new things. Also, meeting all the lovely people who work here! Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. 


I’ve never had a look inside a business before so it's been extremely beneficial for me to see how everything works. I also love how much creative freedom a job like this offers. It’s great not to be stuck in a rigid and limiting structure.



Has anything surprised you about working in the fashion and activewear industry through completing your work experience?


As a Bo+Tee customer myself, I follow all of their social media accounts but these are only snippets of the brand that have been selected for customers to see. It’s been very interesting to see the flip side of this and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes. 


I was very surprised at how fast paced the work environment is and how quickly and efficiently important decisions are made by all teams.


What advice would you give to someone who is trying to secure work experience?


Just put yourself out there. Most companies would love for someone to volunteer their time because it’s positive for everyone involved. 


It's a really valuable experience to enter the working world and gives you an advantage when looking for permanent employment opportunities in the future.


What do you want to do after you have finished your work experience with the brand?


I’m going to Durham University to complete an MSc in Marketing which I’m super excited about! After that I’d love to take some time out to travel - Asia and Australia are at the top of my list. 


Then, I’ll probably return to the UK and try to get a job at Bo+Tee!