High Protein Meals on a Budget

Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re sharing our best inspiration for high protein meals on a budget. Making sure you eat enough protein is crucial, especially when you’re training in the gym. Protein is a nutrient which aids a huge list of health benefits, including weight management and increased muscle mass. 


While some protein options can be really costly, some are very cost effective - and taste just as good! If you’re looking for some inspiration for high protein meals on a budget then look no further. So, change into your favourite Bo+Tee set, grab your shopping list and upgrade your usual weekly meals with the below list of high protein goodness…


7 High Protein Items to Add to Your Meals


#1. Eggs


Our first piece of inspiration for high protein meals on a budget is - add eggs! Making breakfast? Add some scrambled eggs. Making a stir fry? Add a boiled egg. You could even just have an egg on the side of your meal as a high protein snack. 


#2. Plain Greek Yoghurt


Switch up the sour cream, crème fraiche or pouring cream in your recipes for some protein packed plain Greek yoghurt. If you’re looking for inspiration for high protein meals on a budget and you haven’t already tried this hack then trust us, you need to! 



#3. Tuna


If you like fish then tinned tuna is another budget friendly ingredient that’ll add some additional protein to your meals. If you want to go the extra mile then mix your tinned tuna with plain Greek yoghurt and a small spoon of Dijon mustard for an ultra high protein meal. We love adding this to salads, pasta dishes and baked potatoes.


#4. Black Beans


Black beans are arguably one of the most affordable plant-based, high protein ingredients - and they taste great! If you’ve already tried the latest TikTok craze, Cowboy Salad, then we’re sure you know what we’re talking about. But if not, you need to! We also love adding black beans to make tacos, quesadillas and chilli, which is why they’re a staple ingredient in our high protein meals on a budget.



#5. Milk


Another great ingredient if you’re looking for some inspiration for high protein meals on a budget is milk. It’s super affordable and can be added to most meals to give them that extra protein boost. So if you can digest it, we’d suggest adding milk to your cups of tea, coffee, smoothies or your daily breakfast.


#6. Oats


Oats are not only very accessible and affordable but they’re another key protein rich ingredient that should be on your radar. There’s loads of fun TikTok recipes for baked oats, overnight oats and pretty much oats any way you can think of! To help you out we’ve put together our favourite TikTok baked oats recipes for you to try.


#7. Tempeh


Last but not least in our list of high protein meals on a budget, we love adding some high protein tempeh to our post-workout meals. Tempeh is commonly used as a source of protein for vegetarians and is delicious in stir fries or marinated with vegetables and rice. 


If you’d like some more inspiration for high protein meals on a budget, make sure you check out our High Protein Veggie Meals by Jess Tedds (@justjessfood). Here, she shared with us her favourite high protein breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and it’s safe to say they’re delicious.


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