Hot Girl Walk

If you’re on the same side of TikTok as we are, then you’re sure to have come across the concept of the ‘Hot Girl Walk’. If you’re new to the term, then let us briefly explain it for you...

Essentially, the ‘Hot Girl Walk’ is an hour-long walk by yourself, or with your closest friends, where all you think about is your goals, hopes and dreams, what you’re grateful for, and ultimately, how hot you are! Feeling your best is easily done in your favourite Bo+Tee set, and so this has started to become our favourite part of the week. We’re not only focusing on our physical health, but we’re working on our confidence and mental health too!


We all found joy in going on walks during the pandemic, and going on walks now brings about a sense, for us at least, of positivity and nostalgia. Many of us are still working from home, and going on a walk for an hour a day is the perfect way to get your body moving! You get to listen to your favourite podcast, get in some exercise and focus on becoming your best self at the same time.


Does this sound like something you’d want to schedule into your weekly routine? If you do, then we’re here to help! We’ve listed some things below to help you on your next ‘Hot Girl Walk’. You’ll find five prompts that’ll help you think about goal setting, our top five podcast recommendations, and most importantly our five favourite autumnal Bo+Tee sets to give you some outfit inspo for your upcoming ‘Hot Girl Walks’ this October. You can thank us later!

Our Favourite Podcast Recommendations:


- MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth

- Morning Rae with Allana Blumberg

- The Wellness Café with Trinity Tondeleir

- Note To Self with Payton Sartain

- ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth

Our Favourite Autumnal Bo+Tee Sets:


- ‘Awaken’ square neck seamless sports bra and matching ‘Surge’ curved waist seamless leggings in rust


- ‘Refresh’ keyhole layered crop top and matching ‘Revive’ wrap V waist leggings in green


- ‘Stretch’ seamless scoop neck sports bra and matching ‘High Impact’ seamless leggings in beige


- ‘Accelerate’ ribbed waist scoop neck sports bra and matching ‘Intensity’ ribbed waist seamless leggings in light orange


- ‘Change’ racer front cross top and matching ‘Lean’ contour cycling shorts in stone

Gratitude / Mindfulness Prompts:


1. What’s the most attractive quality about yourself that isn’t physical?

2. What’s the best outcome of a complete accident you’ve experienced in your life?

3. What insecurity of yours holds you back the most?

4. What are you proudest of yourself for saying “no” to recently?

5. What's your most toxic trait that you can admit to, and what steps can you take to change this?


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