How To Improve Your CV!

It’s time to fast-track your way to that dream job when you finish studying, team. Knowing how to improve your CV when you’ve maybe never even seen one before can seem daunting. Not to mention trying to write it, tweak it and style it to suit a million and 1 job applications - are we right?  


Today we’re giving you our best tips and tricks when it comes to improving your CV. Let's be honest, the thought of gaining experience and extracurricular activities doesn’t come to mind when you’ve been out the night before, and potentially the one before that. 


Keep scrolling below for some tips on how to improve your CV, including how to tailor your CV and where to start with your cover letter…



#1. Gaining Experience


If your uni or course doesn’t offer you a year-in-industry then trying to gain experience can be difficult - especially if you don’t live in a major city. Internships are invaluable, but the downside is they’re often unpaid and would require you to work a part-time job on the side. 


In terms of improving your CV, we’d suggest building a strong LinkedIn profile and search for internship or work experience opportunities that suit your dream role. If you’re looking to go into fashion or another creative industry then make sure you build a portfolio of all your best work. This could be done on social media, that way you can always update easily as you go!



#2. Make the Most of Uni Opportunities 


Uni and college can be exhausting, especially if you like to accept every social invitation that comes your way. But, try and make the most of each and every opportunity while you can to improve your CV! Join societies, attend extra development classes, volunteer where you can… and make sure you take note of everything you do, even if you think it’s not relevant at the time.


Again, if you’re looking to head into a creative industry or similar then why not reach out to small businesses or charities and see if there’s any voluntary work you could do for them. This could be anything from designing event posters to running their social media accounts for them.



#3. Start a Blog


This might sound like an obvious one but starting a blog can be a great way to keep track of everything you do, when you do it and what you thought about it - at the time. It can also be a great way to show future employers what you’re capable of doing.


Building your own blog, gaining views and followers shows you can market a brand and create captivating content that people love to see. It can be an easy to read, conversational hub of your university life and what you get up to. 


When it comes to improving your CV this will help you remember everything that’s relevant to the company and role you’re applying for. You can even link to your blog and/or social channels we mentioned before to really show yourself in the best light.



#4. The Cover Letter


So by this stage you should hopefully have some experience you’re proud of, a blog of your studying activity and maybe even a portfolio - go you! You are nearly a master on how to improve your CV.


If a job application asks for a cover letter then you want to make sure you spend some time perfecting it, as this is the first thing the company will see. You shouldn’t re-draft your CV, instead, refer to the job description and mention why you’d be perfect for the role. Make sure you check any word or character limits set by the company as you definitely want to avoid exceeding these.


There’s loads of templates out there but instead of following these, think about how you can really stand out. If your application comes through differently to the other’s then you’re bound to make a lasting impression.



#5. How To Improve Your CV’s Content


Now for the fun part of improving your CV! Make sure for every job application you do, your CV reflects not just you but the company too. 


Start with a small paragraph about you, your key skills and attributes, this is known as your personal profile. After this, discuss everything from your education to your interests, your skills and experience. 


The most important thing is to make sure you have improved your CV to suit the company you're applying for. For example, if you’re applying to a fashion company don’t mention that you love to cook as it’s not relevant. 


It’s a good idea to have different headings within your CV to break it up and ensure it’s easy to read. Remember that usually job roles will have hundreds or even thousands of applications so usually recruiters don’t have a long time to go through each and every CV.


This is also why, if you’re applying for a creative job or similar, you should always apply with a creative CV. Why not design it so it looks on-brand for the company you’re applying to, make sure the fonts, colours and overall style is similar if not the same.



Lastly, we’d say you don’t always need to wait for the perfect role to be advertised after improving your CV. If there’s a particular company you love then why not reach out to them? Send their HR department an introductory email or keep it slightly more casual and send a message from that professional LinkedIn page you’ve been working on. 


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