How to: Relieve Muscle Tension

Between giving your all at workouts, nailing everyday challenges, and adulting like a pro, those muscles sometimes decide to throw a bit of a tantrum and tighten up. But not to worry teamwe’ve got your back, quite literally!


In today’s Locker Room blog, Bo+Tee is here to share some wisdom on How to: Relieve Muscle Tension so you can continue slaying like the superstar you truly are. So grab a cuppa, change into your favourite Bo+Tee loungewear and keep scrolling below…



Understanding the Drama: Muscle Tension Explained


To know how to relieve muscle tension it’s important to understand what it actually isit’s like that one friend who just can’t let go of things. Your muscles are basically saying “Yeah, we’re staying tense. Deal with it!” But fear not team Bo+Tee, because we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves so you know how to relieve muscle tension next time it sneaks up on you.


#1. Stretch It Out 

Time to embrace your inner elastic band and stretch it out. We’d recommend a morning stretch as soon as you wake up. Roll out of bed, reach up for the sky, and bend down to touch those toes. It’s like a fresh cup of coffee for your muscles—it perks them up and sets you up for the day.



#2. Elevate Your Zen Game with Yoga


Guess what? Yoga isn’t just for zen experts; it’s like a VIP pass to the land of relaxation. Yoga is your secret weapon against muscle tension. A couple of poses can totally change the game—think downward dogs, warrior poses, and more. Plus, you’ll be all flexible and fierce. You got this!


#3. Foam Rolling, Anyone?


Don’t panic—foam rolling isn’t just for gym gurus. It’s like giving your muscles a deluxe massage. Roll out those knots with a foam roller and watch the tension vanish. It’s basically like a spa treatment for your muscles, and they definitely deserve it!



#4. Chill Time: Your Ultimate De-stresser


When learning how to relieve muscle tension start by stressing less by chilling more. Whether it’s a Netflix binge or a cosy bath, find your chill zone. Your muscles will thank you!


#5. Warm Up and Cool Down Rituals


Are you a gym enthusiast? We’re right there with you! But remember, warming up and cooling down are the bread and butter of a successful workout. Warming up gears your muscles for action, while cooling down lets them wind down gracefully. It’s like a nod of appreciation for their hard work.



Bo+Tee’s Extra Tips for a Fabulous Finish:


Tip 1: Stay Hydrated 


Water is your muscles’ best friend. Keeping them hydrated equals a happier you.


Tip 2: Goodbye Bad Posture


When learning how to relieve muscle tension, make sure to assess your posture. Sit up straight and show your muscles some love.



Tip 3: Epsom Salt Magic


How about a warm bath with Epsom salts? It’s like bringing the spa to your doorstep—trust us!


Tip 4: Breathe Deeply


Seriously, a few deep breaths can work wonders. Inhale the good vibes, exhale the tension.



Elevate Your Style with Bo+Tee


We’ve got something exciting for you—the right activewear! Bo+Tee is all about making you feel like the superstar you are, whether you’re stretching, mastering yoga, or simple rocking life. Our activewear is like a trusted companion for your muscles, ensuring they stay warm, comfortable and ready to take on whatever you throw their way.


The Final Act: Giving Your Muscles the TLC They Deserve


You and your muscles deserve some major pampering and attention. Put these fantastic tips into action and remind those tense muscles who’s in charge. We hope this blog has taught you a thing or two about how to relieve muscle tension so you’re fighting fit, ready to smash all of your PBs. 


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