How to: Stay Active in an Office Job

Do you find yourself sitting at a desk for 6-10 hours of the day? We feel you! We’re all guilty of slipping into the routine of 1 workout per day (or lets be honest, sometimes less!), sitting at our desks all day before travelling home seated in the car or on public transport, sitting at the dinner table then sitting on the couch for some evening TV.


But, did you know experts now suggest that it’s no longer enough to do that morning HIIT class and remain seated throughout the rest of your day? Yikes! 


Not to worry Team Bo+Tee, today we’re sharing our best tips for how to stay active in an office job. So if all of the above sounds like your usual day-to-day, keep reading! 



Bo+Tee’s Tips On How To Stay Active In An Office Job

Tip 1: Set a break alarm


Our first tip on how to stay active in an office job is to set a break alarm. There’s lots of apps out there that you can use for this, or simply use the alarm on your phone. We’d recommend one every half an hour to remind you to move. 


This doesn’t mean when the alarm goes off you start doing 100 push ups. It can be as simple as getting up to make yourself and the team a cuppa, going to the bathroom or walking to chat about some upcoming work with a colleague. If you struggle to remember to get up and move throughout the day, this will be a good tip to help you learn how to stay active in an office job.



Tip 2: Invest in a standing desk


If you’re still working from home but find yourself sitting, glued to your computer screen all day then why not invest in a standing desk? This tip can help you to stay active in an office job as it will make sure you’re on your feet for the most part of the day, however make sure it’s high enough that your posture isn’t compromised. 


You can take this a step further with a walking treadmill on a slow setting so that you’re not only standing but getting your steps in throughout the day. Just make sure you put on your favourite legging sets and hit pause before heading onto any video calls!



Tip 3: Move around at your desk


Our next tip on how to stay active in an office job is to move around at your desk! By this we don’t mean dancing around, or moving so much that you’re distracting everyone around you. But instead, stretch up, roll your shoulders, look gently side to side and readjust your seating position. 


It’s easy to turn into a somewhat robotic zombie mode while working at your desk but it’s important to remember that you can still move while seated. You could even wear some ankle weights and make sure to lift and lower your legs beneath the desk every so often. This will help your body to stay switched on and healthy.



Tip 4: Use your lunch break


Take this next tip for how to stay active in an office job as your friendly reminder to stop eating lunch at your desk! Head out for a short walk and get your body moving. Not only will this help you to focus for the rest of your day but the fresh air will do your mental health the world of good. 


Why not go with a colleague and catch up, or take that item you’ve sold on Depop to the local post office. It’s important to use your lunch break to get away from your screen, refresh and reset.


You can style up most of our matching activewear sets to be walking and office friendly. We’d recommend a smart blazer layered over some comfortable leggings and a crop top with added stretch, so you can focus and move with ease.



Tip 5: Move your meetings outside


Our fifth and final tip for you today is to move your meetings outside. If it’s a nice day then take advantage, especially in the UK when they don’t come around very often! If it’s a small meeting of only a few people, and you don’t need your laptop, then why not take it to the park and catch up on the move.


Just like we mentioned for your lunch break, not only will moving your body benefit your physical health but your mental health will thank you for it too. 

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