Self Care Sunday Ideas


Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than reaching the end of the week and having a full day or night (or maybe even both!) just for you. If you’re asking us; Sunday’s are for self-care. It’s the one day of the week you can use to recharge your batteries, ready for the week ahead. 


Here at Bo+Tee, we like to call it a self love Sunday as it’s not only a day of chilling out and pampering, but also a day to take care of ourselves and our mental health. So grab a cup of coffee and pop on a face mask while you read through our top self care Sunday ideas for the perfect day…



Tip 1: Make your favourite meal


If you’re having a self-care day then why not cook your all-time favourite breakfast and for a self care night it’d be dinner. Forget about the calories, the protein intake and the meal prep for the day and just eat the things you love. 


Personally, we can’t get enough of Jess Tedds’ (@justjessfood) brioche french toast with white chocolate mascarpone, raspberry coulis and crushed pistachios recipe. If you haven’t already tried it then you need to - it’s a dream! 


For more recipes by Jess, make sure you check out our veggie meals blog.



Tip 2: Try out yoga


When looking for self care Sunday ideas, if you haven’t already tried out yoga then team, this is the perfect time to try. You don’t need to leave the house and head to a yoga studio to take part in this tip. All you need to do is find a quiet, cosy space in your house, go onto YouTube and search for an online session. We’d recommend ‘Yoga With Adriene’.


There’s so many benefits to practising yoga, not only for your own fitness but your mental health too. To read more about the benefits, head over to our dedicated yoga blog.



Tip 3: Run a hot bath


Spending time in a hot bath, filled with nice-smelling essential oils and your favourite bubbles is one of the most relaxing things for your body and mind - if you’re asking us! This tip should definitely be part of your self care Sunday ideas and routine, so make sure you always have bubble bars to hand. 


When you come out, smother yourself in your go-to moisturiser and spritz a refreshing body spray. Your skin will be feeling hydrated, soft and smooth and your mind at ease, leaving you with that all important feel-good factor.



Tip 4: Apply a hair and face mask


You shouldn’t over-apply a hair and face mask so those self-care days are the perfect opportunity. There’s so many varieties you can choose from so make sure you pick out one that best suits you, and your skin and hair type. Throw them on, put your feet up and have the 10-20 minutes of chill you truly deserve!


Our go-to self care Sunday idea for your hair would have to be Olaplex which you can pick up from the likes of Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and FeelUnique.



Tip 5: Paint your nails your favourite colour


We all love a trip to the salon to get our nails groomed to perfection, but on those days you don’t feel like leaving the house, why not do them yourself for the perfect self care Sunday idea?


Pick out your favourite colour and spend time cutting, cleaning, filing, moisturising and painting your nails until you’re happy with them. Finish with some lovely smelling cuticle oil for the ultimate mani glow-up.



Tip 6: Put on your comfiest loungewear 


We might be biassed but this tip is our fave! The perfect self-care Sunday isn’t complete without a loungewear set that leaves you feeling comfy and relaxed, yet still supported and stylish. And that’s exactly where we come in! 


You can browse and shop our extensive range of activewear and loungewear collections designed to move with you. Choose from tops, shorts and leggings, as well as thick, oversized sweatshirts and joggers. We’re sure to have something for every self-care activity.



Tip 7: Design a vision board


If you don’t already know what a vision board is then team, now’s your time to find out with our next self care Sunday ideas! They’re a super easy and creative way for you to manifest all those dreams you have for the days, weeks, months or even years to come!

Spend 30 minutes or more thinking about your hopes and goals for the future. Once you’ve done this, put your visions into a digital board. A good app for this is ‘Canva’ where you can upload all of your inspirational images into one collaged board. If you’d like a helpful guide on the best way to do this then check out the blog on ‘How to Create Your Vision Board in Canva’ over on the Boss Project website.



Tip 8: Read a book or listen to a podcast


To practise self-care properly you need to take some time away from your screen. All that blue light isn’t good for anyone, and making yourself a priority is essential. So take a deep breath, make yourself a cuppa and light your favourite candle. Pull out that old book you used to love or the new one you’ve been meaning to read for a while and spend some time getting lost in the words. 


If reading isn’t really your thing then why not start a gratitude journal or even put on a podcast. For some of our top podcast recommendations head over to our ‘Hot Girl Walk’ blog.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our self care Sunday ideas and tricks, hopefully there’s some new ones for you to try! Make sure you stay in the loop with our latest collections and be the first to know about new releases by downloading our app today, or check for updates in our Locker Room.