5 Ice Skating Tips

Are you usually that person who has to hang on to the side of the rink? Or maybe your best friend on the ice is the support penguin? Don’t worry team, you’re not alone! But wouldn’t it be nice to glide seamlessly and elegantly in time to the music. 


We spoke to Liza Lowe (@lizaskates), a professional figure skater and ice dancer, to bring to you 5 top tips when it comes to ice skating. So if you’re looking to build confidence and skate like a pro then keep reading…



Tip 1: Get the right equipment.


You want to make sure you’ve got the correctly fitted ice skating boots so your ankles are fully supported. This will help you to avoid any nasty injuries and will make you feel secure and confident while you practice.


If you know you’re going to continue skating for a while then it would be worthwhile buying a pair of ice skates for yourself. To make sure they fit properly head to a specialist shop where someone will be able to help and tailor them to suit your needs. 


If you’re just starting out and you’re not sure if you’ll like skating or not then you should definitely rent skates to begin with. There will be someone at the rental shop who’ll be able to assist you with your perfect size, although sometimes this can be a little bit of trial and error to see which ones you feel most comfortable in. 



Tip 2: Dress warm.


If you’re just starting out then it’s key to make sure you wrap up. You won’t be moving around as much while you learn so grab your cosiest styles to stop your muscles getting stiff. 


I’d recommend some tight fitting leggings that offer lots of flexibility and an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt. Leggings are great because they won’t get in your way while you skate and a hoodie will be your best friend while you wait and watch. Make sure you have a comfortable top underneath so if you do get too hot you can take your hoodie/sweatshirt off.



Tip 3: Get used to the ice.


It might sound silly but get used to falling over on the ice. Practice falling and being able to stand back up, eventually you’ll become less afraid of falling. 


If it’ll help, you can also wear protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads while you’re starting out. As you become more familiar with the ice you’ll build the confidence to remove these.



Tip 4: Bend your knees.


It’s important to keep your knees bent when starting to skate as it’ll help with your balance.


That’s why I’d always recommend wearing leggings with good stretch and flexibility so that you don’t feel restricted. Bo+Tee have a huge selection of these which come in a wide variety of colourways. The Bo+Tee leggings are also high waisted which is ideal for on the ice, the last thing you want is your leggings falling down while you move!



Tip 5: Take it slow.


There’s no rush when you’re first getting on the ice, everyone learns at their own pace. Skating lessons can be the perfect place to start as you’ll learn all of the basics from a professional and avoid forming any bad habits. Once you’ve built up enough confidence and skills on the ice you can then go off and practice solo.


Keep yourself grounded and remember, consistency is key!



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