Non-Weight Related Fitness Goals

Exercising isn’t all about weight loss. Of course, for some people losing weight is the main goal but for others the end result can be a variety of things. Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room, we’re bringing to you our top 6 non-weight related fitness goals for you to think about. 


Everyone is different when it comes to setting targets, so it’s important to remember that these are simply just some fitness goal ideas. Whether you’re working out to build your strength, boost your mental health or improve your sleep, there’s sure to be a fitness goal suited to you. 


You can create long term and short term goals but whatever you choose make sure they’re realistic and achievable. You’ll benefit from the success of achieving your goals which will help you to stay motivated and determined in the gym. 


So grab a drink and your comfiest Bo+Tee matching activewear set, and keep scrolling below to read some suggestions when it comes to non-weight related fitness goals for women.



Bo+Tee’s Top 6 Non-Weight Related Fitness Goals


Fitness Goal Idea 1: Run For 10 Minutes


If running isn’t “your thing” right now but you really wish it was, then why not start by challenging yourself to run consistently for 10 minutes? This can be at any speed that’s comfortable for you and as your stamina improves you’ll be able to increase your pace. Try this 3 times a week and watch as your running takes off!



Fitness Goal Idea 2: Beat Your PB Lifting Weight


If your non-weight related fitness goal is to get stronger then what better way than lifting weights. The weights section in the gym can often be daunting - we get it! But trust us when we say: once you’ve overcome the initial fear it’ll soon become second nature.


If you’re a beginner then don’t push yourself too much. Start with a relatively light weight and get used to the machines - YouTube tutorials or certified personal trainer TikTok videos are great for this! Every time you visit the gym aim to lift heavier than the last, once you have an understanding of your comfortable lifting weight you’ll be able to set yourself a strength training target. Get yourself some super supportive gym leggings to give you the confidence you need to smash any fitness goal.



Fitness Goal Idea 3: Do Some Steps


A step goal can look different to everybody and this is one of the best non-weight related fitness goals for both your physical and mental health. Lots of people aim for around 10,000 steps per day but if you’re nowhere near that right now then that can sometimes feel quite overwhelming. So start small and work your way up! Stay motivated by getting your favourite athleisure combo ready the night before and heading out for a refreshing morning walk. You could also go for a walk at lunchtime to clear your head and get ready for the afternoon.


Do what feels right for you and have 10,000 steps per day as the very end goal. Walking is a great way to increase your fitness levels and achieve your health goals. 



Fitness Goal Idea 4: Complete A New Class


Most gym memberships include full access to gym classes - so make sure you take advantage of these! You might already be a keen 6am spin go-er and that’s great, but why not set a non-weight related fitness goal to try out something new? Gym short sets are ideal for classes, as trust us, things are going to get sweaty! 


There’s usually a wide variety of spin, body pump, HIIT, yoga and more. Check the timetable and see which would suit you, you could even bring a friend! 



Fitness Goal Idea 5: Learn What You Like


You’re never going to love working out if you’re forcing yourself to go and hate it when you’re there. Take some time to really understand what exercise or class you like and something that was once a chore will soon become something you love! Finding exercise that you love is one of the best non-weight related fitness goals out there.


Once you’ve found the exercise or class that you love, make sure you plan a workout schedule that suits your lifestyle. If you’ve only got 30 minutes free 3 times per week then that’s what you should work with.



Fitness Goal Idea 6: Improve Your Flexibility


If you’d like to improve your flexibility as a non-weight related fitness goal then start by taking 15 minutes before your workout to fully stretch. This can be things such as lunges, touching your toes, shoulder rolls and anything else that feels right for you - just remember to take it slow!


If you’d like to take your stretching that step further then why not try a new yoga, pilates or barre class? Make sure you wear something that’ll allow you to stretch and move with ease such as high waisted seamless leggings and a sports bra, or mini shorts are perfect for summer.



Found Your Non-Weight Related Fitness Goal? 


We hope this blog has helped you to find your next non-weight related fitness goal, whether it’s to build muscle, learn a new skill or simply increase your physical activity. Remember it’s not always about the number on the scales and ways to reduce your body fat, in fact this can often be demotivating and not sustainable. 


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