Student Survival Guide: Brave Beginnings!

Trying to organise yourself for heading to college or uni is tough at the best of times, never mind when we’re dipping in and out of lockdowns! So if you’re feeling anxious or nervous, do not worry - it’s normal! 


Whether you're heading back to physical classes or you’ve switched to study online, we’ve put together this helpful student survival guide to make it that little bit easier. Keep scrolling below for our latest tips on meeting new people, getting the right equipment, what to wear and more!





Our Student Survival Advice! 

#1. Meeting New People


Meeting new people can be scary (especially after months in isolation) but here’s the catch, everyone’s in the exact same position as you! Heading to uni or college can be an amazing way to meet lots of new friends for life and socialise with people whose interests are the same as yours!


Our advice:

1. Join a club outside of classes that you’re interested in

2. Make a WhatsApp group chat for everything and anything. We’re talking one for your flatmates, your classes, that extra club you joined… you get the jist!

3. Join the uni gym, and why not try out that yoga class you’d been eyeing up

4. Once you’ve met a couple of people organise a night out, or even just some sociable drinks - you got this!



#2. Getting Your Equipment 


If it’s your first time heading to uni or college you might be a little unsure on what exactly you need. If you’re hybrid-ing between the campus and home then it’s important to make sure you have everything for both places, so you can work at ease wherever you are! 


For example, if you’re working at home and on a laptop for long periods of the day make sure you get a comfy chair that’s sure to support you. 


You’ll also need some student survival advice for study essentials that are easily transported between campus and home. Follow our list below and you’ll be sorted:


  1. Comfy, oversized hoodie
  2. Reusable water bottle 
  3. Reusable coffee cup
  4. Reusable lunch box
  5. Canvas tote bag
  6. 2x notebooks 
  7. 3x pens



#3. What to Wear


We might be biased but cute matching gym sets to study are an absolute essential! They’re so easy to throw on, offer all-day comfort and support but will still leave you feeling stylish and motivated for a day of working. 


For those home office days, chuck on a pair of high waisted leggings and matching crop top, we’d always recommend keeping an oversized hoodie by your desk in case you start to get cool. 


For days on campus, another fashion-forward set will do the trick but this time, why not style it with a structured blazer and your fave trainers. Add your tote bag with all the above essentials and some gold jewellery and you’re good to go, team!



Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our Bo+Tee study guide and picked up some of our best tips and tricks along the way. Find out more about our student ambassadors and their student advice by reading our intro blog today. 


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