GRWM: Lea Toshiye

It’s time to get ready for the week ahead in style! We spent some time with our girl Lea Toshiye who spoke to us about workout, errands and rest day styling. We’re so excited to share with you her tips and tricks when it comes to looking good while you move. 


Keep scrolling below for the ultimate Get Ready With Me (GRWM) blog by Lea. She’s talking all things upper body, cardio and leg day outfits. As well as what she wears to run errands and those all important rest day looks. Trust us when we say: you don't wanna miss this!



Outfit Idea 1: Upper Body Day 


What’s an upper body workout without a set that shows off that arm pump?! There’s something about looking in that gym mirror and seeing how strong I am that makes me work even harder. So give your upper body the spotlight it deserves!


Steal Lea’s upper body look by shopping the Energy seamless leggings and matching Strength sports bra in shade black.



Outfit Idea 2: Cardio Day 


If I have to do cardio, I’m gonna look cute doing it! On cardio days, I like to sweat it out, so this long sleeve top is perfect. On the other hand, I don’t want to get overheated so I paired it with some cute biker shorts and I have the perfect fit to out step the stair master!


Steal Lea’s cardio day look by shopping the All The Way long sleeve top and matching Run For It mini shorts in shade purple.



Outfit Idea 3: Leg Day 


Leg day is the best day, am I right? This unique set makes me feel so confident and confidence in the gym makes such a difference to my workouts. This set is a triple threat: it’s super cute, it’s extremely comfortable and it’s the perfect, breathable outfit for an intense leg day lift.


Steal Lea’s leg day look by shopping the Evolve crop top and matching Speed biker shorts in shade orange.



Outfit Idea 4: Errands 


Target, the grocery store, nail appointment? This comfy, cute set is perfect for a casual day of errands. Pair it with some trendy high tops, a denim jacket, a cute bag and you’re THE girl on-the-go!


Steal Lea’s errands look by shopping the Superset leggings and matching Circuit sports bra in shade grey.



Outfit Idea 5: Rest Day 


The most important part of a rest day outfit is comfort. This set is extremely soft and the fabric is nice & thick, just the way I like it. Pair this set with some comfy socks, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and relax with your favourite binge-worthy Netflix show.


Steal Lea’s off-duty look by shopping the Sprinter leggings and Iconic sports bra in shade pink.


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