Resistance Band Workout by Meggan Grubb

We’re so excited to welcome you to a very special guest blogger here on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room. Today we have our fitness guru and stylish queen, Meggan Grubb. She’s here to bring you her resistance bands exercises for beginners for the perfect peach, fave picks from her vital collection and some all round top tips. 


You’ll find her exclusive resistance bands exercises for beginners near the bottom of this blog post but first, change into your ultimate Bo+Tee set, grab a protein shake and learn a little about resistance training with us…


When it comes to fitness we’ve all got to start somewhere and resistance bands are a good way to get you started on strength training. They’re a super versatile way to train and can be added into most workouts, helping you improve your strength one session at a time. You’re able to choose the resistance that’s best suited to you and level-up as you get stronger. 


As they’re so versatile, you can also target any area of your body you like. This means if you’re looking to tone up your arms, build on your leg muscles, tighten your core or grow your glutes, you can! So, whether you’re a gym newbie, recovering from injury or simply looking to power up your usual routine there’s a beginners resistance band out there for you.



Are resistance bands good for beginners?


As we mentioned before, resistance bands are super versatile and allow you to increase the difficulty as you improve your strength. This means that they’re perfect for beginners as you can start light and build yourself up. When you first start using resistance bands you should always be aware of how you’re feeling and always try to avoid pushing your body beyond its limits.


It’s always a good idea to introduce beginners resistance bands exercises into your daily routine as they have many benefits, including:


- Improved strength

- Improved posture

- Improved coordination

- Improved blood circulation

- Improved balance

- Improved mood and mental health



Which resistance band is best for beginners?


It’s recommended to start with a low resistance if you’re a beginner to avoid injuring yourself. Once you feel your workout becoming too easy, it’s time to level-up. 


Most resistance bands are colour coded with a different colour being used for light, medium, heavy and extra heavy - so always make sure you pick up the right colour! If you do a variety of workouts (switching between your arms, legs and glutes) then it’s best to have 2 or 3 different weights. This is because different muscle groups need a different level of resistance.



How do I get started with resistance bands?


If you’re new to resistance training then it’s best to go easy on yourself, at least for the first few weeks. Over on Well+Good they recommend 9 exercises to get you started. These are squats, chest press, bicep curls, core kick, back rows, lateral shoulder raise, tricep press, shoulder press and quad press. 


If you’re not too sure what these are or how to do them, don’t worry! The team at Well+Good have put together video examples for each that you can follow at home - check them out!

What is the easiest resistance band for beginners?


Resistance bands run from light to extra heavy. There isn’t a set colour for each resistance weight so make sure you check any labelling to get the right one for you.


Do resistance bands burn fat?


In short, yes. Resistance band workouts for beginners can help to build muscle and reduce fat, as well as increasing post-exercise after-burn. This means once you’ve finished exercising your body still burns calories. 

However, you need to make sure you combine this with living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy diet. By doing this you’ll really reap all the benefits resistance training has to offer.



Do resistance bands make your bum bigger?


If you think that simply buying the bands magically makes your booty bigger then we’re sorry to disappoint but no, it doesn't. You have to put in the work! To grow your glutes, make sure you do glutes focused and lower body workouts. 


Megg Grubb’s resistance band workout (at the bottom of this blog post) is absolutely perfect for this. But just remember, your bum won’t grow overnight. It takes time, dedication and consistency but if you put in the effort you’ll undoubtedly see results.



Okay, that’s enough learning for one day. It’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice, so kick off those slippers and swap your shake for some water. It’s over to you, Megg...


Hey Team Bo+Tee, it’s lovely to (virtually) meet you all! 


I personally love working out with resistance bands when I’m travelling or low on equipment. I usually add in resistance bands to the start of my workouts, to warm up and activate my glutes. Glute muscles can be super stubborn and take a long time to wake up! So by adding this into your session you’ll really get the most out of your lower body workout.


Trust me, for beginners trying resistance bands exercises, this will turn up the heat in all of your sessions. There is SO much you can do with just a small band. So let’s get sweaty, team!


Perform each move for 40 seconds back to back with no rest in between. Once all 6 moves are complete, rest for 1 minute and then repeat 3 more times! Let's go, team!


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing standing lateral abductions in resistance band workout


Exercise 1: Standing Lateral Abductions

1. Start by holding onto something to keep your balance. 

2. Lift one leg out to the side against your band and slowly lower back down. 

3. Swap sides halfway through.


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing reverse lunge into curtsy in resistance band workout


Exercise 2: Reverse Lunge With Resistance Band into Curtsey

1. Start with a resistance band around your thighs.  

2. Lunge backwards into a reverse lunge, keeping your front leg in the same place.

3. Then cross the leg diagonally into a curtsey lunge.

4. Swap sides halfway through.

Benefits: Curtseys will really target your side glute muscles, helping you form the perfect peach!


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing constant pulsing kickbacks in resistance band workout


Exercise 3: Constant Pulsing Kickbacks

1. Bend your knees and kick one leg up towards the ceiling. You should feel the band pulling against the movement to really intensify things. 

2. Never bring that leg fully down from the pulsing kickback motion until the time is up! 

3. Make sure your right or left foot stays flat on the floor. 

4. Again, swap sides halfway through. 

Benefits: These are one of the best moves to isolate the glutes and improve your resistance levels, the burn is real!


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing hip thrusts into abductions in resistance band workout


Exercise 4: Hip Thrust into Abduction

1. Start by leaning your back on a bench or ledge of some sort. 

2. Bend your knees and thrust upwards. 

3. Whilst squeezing your glutes, push both legs out against the band looped around your knees.

Benefits: This type of resistance training really adds that extra burn on your bum. Hip thrusts are the golden exercise to growing your glutes!


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing squat into leg lifts in resistance band workout


Exercise 5: Squat Position into Leg Lifts

1. To start, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, really bend your knees and squat down. 

2. When you come back up, lift one leg out to the side against your band. For this part keep your legs straight.

3. Change your leg each time before returning to the start.  

Benefits: These are a serious burner, especially the side glutes. This exercise is perfect for strength training too!


Meggan Grubb wearing Bo+Tee doing sumo stance glute bridges in resistance band workout


Exercise 6: Sumo Stance Glute Bridges

1. Start by lying on the ground for this resistance bands set, with a wider than hip width stance. 

2. Thrust upwards and squeeze the glutes whilst doing so. Keep your upper arms relaxed. 

3. Your elastic band will really be doing a lot of work here due to your wide stance. 

Don’t forget: Mind to muscle connection is super important throughout any glutes session. Think about the bum muscles as you’re squeezing them, it makes such a huge difference!

Hopefully you should all be feeling the burn after my all time favourite workout with resistance bands - I know I am! If you loved this one as much as me then make sure you check back regularly for more resistance bands exercises for beginners.