Inspire Confidence: Running Tips For Beginners

Are you a first-time runner and in need of a confidence boost? Or maybe you’re lacking some inspo to get you going after some time off? Well as always team Bo+Tee, we’re here to help! Keep reading for our top running tips for beginners to fill you with confidence before, during and after your run…





Our first running tip for beginners is to find yourself a running buddy. Apart from being able to have a catch-up while you move, running with a friend can feel much safer - especially at night!


A running partner can also keep you motivated on those tough hills and help you to keep up a good pace. As well as this, you’re much less likely to bail on your friend so you’ll be more likely to stick to a good running plan.





Wearing brightly coloured clothing (especially at night) is another running tip for beginners to feel comfortable and confident while on your run; and luckily for you we’ve got plenty of that! All of our collections feature bright and beautiful pieces, whether you want a matching gym set or you want to mix and match, for a look that’s bold and functional.


Designed in our ultimate stretch seamless fabric, our new season gym leggings and sports bras flatter your body whilst you move. The thick, ribbed fabric shapes your figure to accentuate your curves and the secure waistband will leave you feeling supported, and choosing outfits that feel supportive is another important running tip for beginners. The bold, bright colour palette will make sure you’re noticed even on those night-time runs, giving you the power you need to smash your PB’s.





We’re sure that all of you runners will agree; there’s nothing worse than setting off on your 5K and feeling every inch of your body moving. Not only is it uncomfortable but it’ll leave you feeling insecure and self conscious when you’re exercising. That’s exactly why we’d always recommend as a running tip for beginners to wear clothing you feel confident and supported in.


If you’re leggings loyal then make sure you get the perfect size for you so they don’t slip when you run and the waistband stays secure. For those sweaty sessions or summer days try opting for gym shorts so you don’t get too hot and why not match with a stretchy and breathable crop top. It’s especially important that you get your sports bra sizing right, that way you’ll feel secure, supported and ready-to-go. If you need extra help with this then check out our size guide.





A great playlist is essential for any good run but a really important running tip for beginners is to remember not to have the volume too high. Music usually gives you the positive, motivational boost you need to get your butt off the couch. You’ll naturally maintain a consistent pace with your music on, and it’ll teach you how to breathe when running.


But, you should still be able to hear your surroundings, like cars, cyclists and approaching people. Runner’s World reported more than 3,000 deaths in 2017 caused by distracted drivers. So, if you know you’ll be in a busy area then make sure the volume is low or leave your headphones at home.





Another running tip for beginners is letting a colleague, friend or family member know your running route then should anything happen to you, they’ll know exactly where you are. If you don’t have a running buddy and prefer to run by yourself then this is a good tip to keep yourself safe.


We’d always recommend carrying a phone so you can contact someone if you get into any trouble, even if it’s just a nasty downpour. By carrying your phone you can also share your location with someone you trust so they know where you are and when to expect you back. This is particularly important at night.



We hope this blog post has given you some helpful running tips for beginners when it comes to confidence while you exercise. If you’re looking for a running wardrobe refresh then make sure to check out our ‘5K’s Have Never Looked So Stylish’ blog. It’ll give you some fresh styling advice on how to look good while smashing your fitness goals.


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