Self-Love Tips

If you’re looking for some self-love tips then you’ve come to just the right place! This season of love, we’re talking all things ‘For The Love of Fitness’. We spoke with some members of team Bo+Tee about ways they spend their self-love days and their top tips and tricks for having the ultimate day to yourself.


They shared lots of details with us about meals, wellbeing, styling and more, to give you an all-round view of how you can have a complete day of zen with our ultimate self-love tips.


Keep scrolling below to read through these self-love tips and who knows, you might just steal some for yourself…



#1. Holly Brooks (hollyb_fitness)


First up, Holly shared with us her exclusive recipe that she just can’t live without on those self-love days, and oh boy is it a good one! 


Holly’s cheesy chicken and chorizo orzo recipe: 


Step 1: Portion up 50g of orzo and pop it on to boil. Meanwhile, slice up 150g raw chicken, 15g of chorizo and half a red onion.


Step 2: Next, put the chicken and chorizo on to fry. Add salt, pepper, paprika and mixed herbs. Once it’s slightly fried add in the red onion and fry for a few more minutes.


Step 3: Once it’s all cooked, stir in half a tin of chopped tomatoes and 50g of light philadelphia. Season with some more black pepper.


Step 4: Add the cooked orzo to your chicken and chorizo mix, stir well and plate it up!



#2. Chiara Pugliesi (chiara_pugliesi)


Our girl Chiara shared all her best self-love tips and tricks on becoming the best version of yourself. Her best advice and our favourite points include…


Tip 1: Dedicate some time to your fitness


“We all have a long to-do list and we’re all always so busy but it’s important to make some time for you. You deserve it. My first self-love tip is to take some time in the day to go to the gym, or go for a walk, or maybe even start a new class. Exercise is so important and it’ll make you feel so much better.”


Tip 2: Listen to podcasts


“When you wake up in the morning, rather than just making your breakfast, listen to a podcast while you’re getting ready. This will literally just feed your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts.”   


Tip 3: Be disciplined and create new habits


“Instead of always relying on motivation or waiting for the “perfect moment”, be disciplined and create new habits. That “perfect moment” may never come, so being disciplined is a great self-love tip.”



#3. Sophie (sophthickfitnesss)


Next, Sophie spoke about self-love tips and working out, and exactly how it supports your mental health and wellbeing. Her insightful tips on what she does day-to-day were too good not to share, so make sure you’re taking note, team…


Q: What do you do to keep yourself motivated with a positive attitude? 


A: Firstly, in the mornings I genuinely like to give my belly a little wiggle because I am forcing myself to become more familiar with who I am right now. Secondly, I surround myself with people who are genuinely excited and proud of my successes. It’s really toxic and can be quite upsetting when you have people around you who do not root for you and your success.


Q: What does an average day look like for you?


A: I wake up between 6.15-7.30am and head to the gym before my partner goes to work. The gym is where I love to throw a lot of weights around and make a lot of noise. It’s amazing for my mental health because since I’ve put on a lot of weight during this last year and a half I’ve found it my safe space. 


Once I’ve had my morning mental release at the gym I come home and eat a jam-packed smoothie with some avocado and toast on the side. Then I’ll get myself ready for the day and to create a lot of self-love tips and content on my Instagram page.


I feel really lucky to be doing this because I’ve been working so hard to be able to work online for so long. I feel like I’ve manifested it quite well…


When the afternoon hits, my mental health can take a little bit of a slump. So what I try to do is stick on some jazz music and dance around the house, play with my cat, or have a little cry because I feel like it’s really healthy to have a cry… do not hold it in! 


Q: Do you keep journals for your mental wellbeing and does it benefit you?


A: Yes and no. I go through phases where I’m feeling really motivated and I find journaling really helps me to focus and get my day in check. But, other days where I’m feeling really brain foggy and I don’t know what to do, sometimes journaling can add to my stress. 


I think it’s really important to assess the day and see if it can fit in with your schedule.  


Soph’s wellbeing perspective: 


I feel like at the moment I’m crying a lot but I also feel like the release of emotions is really good for my soul. Wellbeing doesn’t have to be green juices and workouts every day, it can literally be whatever makes you happy. Whether that’s going to grab food with a friend, sitting at a cafe, watching a movie or even having a good cry.

Remember to be the main character of your own life. Show up in ways that make sense to you and only you.



#4. Ella-Mae Rayner (ellamaerayner) 


We asked and Ella-Mae definitely delivered on all things athletic, working out and how to stay flexible. Keep scrolling below for some of her ultimate go-to self-love tips…


Q: How are you so flexible, and how do you stay flexible?


A: Because of the sports that I’ve done in the past, diving and gymnastics, I’ve had to keep up my flexibility. Since then, I’ve kind of just carried that flexibility through to the gym. I'll do a stretching routine before and after my workout to keep up my mobility. I want to be able to do the splits when I’m 80! 


One of the best stretches to do, and my personal favourite, is a lunge. It targets so many different areas and you can make it as hard or easy as you like. 


Q: Who inspires you in fitness and sport?


A: There are so many people! Including my friends and family who motivate me and push me on behind the scenes. Tom Daley has been one of my idols since I was younger and that’s why I got into diving. The gymnast Beth Tweddle also really inspires me but I genuinely think my biggest inspiration is my mum.


She really looks after herself, goes to the gym Monday to Friday and she’s just someone who I really inspire to be like.


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