Post Workout Stretch With Emily Mousikes

Our next guest blogger has arrived at Bo+Tee’s Locker Room to share the best post workout stretches. It’s time to welcome PT and yoga professional, Emily Mouskides. You might already follow Emily on social media but if not then check out her Instagram @emilymouu. Here you’ll find lots of first class workouts, yoga routines and stylish activewear looks.  


But today she’s bringing us a full body, post workout stretching routine that works perfectly as a simple stretcher at the end of every workout. It’ll help you release tension and may even improve your flexibility so make sure you give it a go and see what you think.


If you don’t work out often but you feel tight or get tension pain in your body then this one’s also for you! Emily’s post workout stretches should gently pull you back into tip top form in no time - just make sure you practise these often! 


So, change into your best Bo+Tee set and grab a mat while Emily runs through her favourite post workout stretching exercises with you…


At the end of a workout, the last thing most people want to do is stretch and cool down. If they do dedicate time to post workout stretching, it usually involves a few simple toe touches and some arm swings before heading for the smoothie bar! 


Post workout stretching doesn’t have to take long and you can find shortcuts by stretching multiple muscle groups at once.


As you perform contraction after contraction during your workout, your muscles are left in a shortened state. Post workout stretching helps reset your body to a natural position and posture. It also helps your recovery time, improving your performance and reduces the soreness / muscle tension you feel after a workout too. 


Here are my top 7 simple yet highly effective post workout stretches you can add to the end of your workout:



1. Kneeling Warrior Lunge with chest opener 

This stretch opens out the hips and chest simultaneously, while also targeting groin & quad.



2. Downward facing dog with one leg extended

This one’s a shoulder opener. It also deeply stretches the hamstrings, calf muscle & hip.



3. Supine belly twist 

A lovely lower back release, stretching thoracic spine, shoulders and chest. Start on the left side then repeat on the right.



4. Twisted lunge

This is a deep abductor and groin stretch, while the twist allows the upper body to loosen and lengthen. 


Start with your left arm and left knee, your right hand should meet your left foot that’s flat on the floor. Then repeat on the right.



5. Forward fold

Nice and easy, let your top half hang forward and keep your feet flat, this will ease out the backs of your legs. Allow your arms to hang loose and grab behind your legs for a deeper post workout stretch


If you can’t manage to keep your legs straight - that’s ok! Have your knees bent for now and work your way to straight.



6. Cobra 

This can also be done on your forearms if your palms are uncomfortable. A great stretch for the abdomen and entire front of the body - it’s nice on your back too!



7. Back twist 

This is a shoulder and pec stretch, other arm is extended at shoulder level. A comforting twist to the spine to release any tension and the hip has some effortless attention here too! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed post workout stretching with Emily! You can steal her style by heading to our Tone & Transform collection, she’s wearing our ‘Overhaul’ crop top and matching leggings.


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