How To Style Gym Leggings

One item every girl needs when exercising is a good pair of gym leggings. With so many options available today, choosing which style to wear when working out can be a bit of a minefield. What design is most supportive? What fabric is best?


Should you go for full length, flared or cropped? And do you want them high waisted? Or to have any special details, like lace ups or zips? Are black gym leggings the failsafe favourite?


That’s where we step in. We’re here to help you navigate through the many options of women’s gym leggings, with this handy guide packed full of everything you need to know about the best leggings to wear from your high energy HIIT sessions to your slow, healing yoga classes.


You’ll find all the information you need to know about our different types of Bo+Tee gym leggings, the fits, fabrics, styles and even how to style gym leggings to make sure you’re ready to tackle any exercise routine with confidence. Read on for all the inspo and help with choosing and how to style your gym leggings.



Gym legging lengths you’ll love:


There are so many different types of gym leggings on the market right now, so it can be hard to know where to start when choosing for yourself. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down the most popular legging lengths to get in your workout lineup.


Full length leggings


Currently, the legging type we stock most of on Bo+Tee, full-length leggings, is the perfect all-rounder. They’re ideal for outdoor sessions and exercise, ensuring maximum coverage of the body. That also means they’re great for cooler weather if you don’t fancy braving it in shorts


You can wear these for speed walking, running, hiking and any indoor exercise. They’re a must-have for your get-fit kit and can be worn all year round. How to style gym leggings, you ask? With full-length leggings, add some ribbed socks and any of our long-sleeved gym tops for a sleek look.



3/4 length leggings


Another popular sports legging is the 3/4 length, cut just above the ankle. These super flattering leggings are optimal for workouts and sessions indoors, in the gym or yoga studio. They’re also great for wearing with our ankle socks to get that cool athleisure vibe you all love! 


If you’re petite, 3/4 length leggings will also be great for you if you find leggings can sometimes be too long. Take a look at our full collection of ¾ length leggings and find your fun cropped style for you. How to style gym leggings that are cropped? Try an oversized jumper for definition and some cute trainers.


Biker shorts


Biker shorts, also known as cycling shorts, are our longer-length short style that has a nineties-inspired vibe. They’re great for summer and warmer weather, and they're bound to keep you cool when cycling, running or walking outside.


Cycling shorts also look amazingly styled up for every day with an oversized t-shirt and sliders.


Mini shorts


Similar to biker shorts, these mini-length shorts are ideal for when the weather heats up. They’ll keep you super cool and composed in the gym or when taking your session outside. 


This style can be worn for most exercises and sports, and it also looks good styled with sweatshirts or t-shirts. Want to try it for yourself? Check out our collection of stunning mini shorts and find your perfect style.



The signature Bo+Tee fabric:


An important factor to consider when shopping for leggings is the fabric, which material is best for you and how to style gym leggings as a whole. All the Bo+Tee leggings are seamless, made in the most durable fabric, with plenty of stretch. 


Seamless leggings seem to be the winner for a lot of people, as they don’t have any uncomfortable seams and are super flattering on the body. Plus, the innovative fabric we use to make our leggings have sweat-wicking properties, making sure you stay cool and dry during your session.


Some of our favourite fabrics in the Bo+Tee collection include the slinky material leggings, which are buttery soft on the skin for maximum comfort. Our ribbed and seamless knit leggings are also super soft and a popular choice for all types of exercise.


How to style gym leggings that come in different styles and fabrics might be running through your mind but all of our leggings can be paired with anything sport or athleisure wear related. We’ve made them to be as versatile as possible; we’ve always got you covered!



All the colours and designs you need:


Forget boring sports leggings, our Bo+Tee collections are full of bold colours and designs, with lots of classic, go-to styles and shades you all love. When shopping our range, you really can change up your gym look to suit your mood!


If you know you’ve got a really tough session, black gym leggings or dark leggings are a no brainer. We’re packed full of the most flattering, darker coloured leggings that’ll help disguise sweat and moisture for gruelling workouts. This will help you feel super confident and more comfortable working to the best of your ability. Try our staple black, or switch it up with charcoal, navy or chocolate brown.


If your motto is ‘go bold or go home’, we’ve got an amazing, vibrant range of colours you’ll want in your wardrobe. Think vivid purple, baby pink, zesty orange and sunshine yellow to help power up your workout. How to style gym leggings of this calibre? Try referring to our beautifully styled models for some inspo.


The brighter, the better! Adding bold activewear to your workout is sure to boost your mood. We’ve also started introducing acid wash and zebra designs to add a little bit of fun to your next session.



The best of Bo+Tee legging styles:


When looking for how to style gym leggings, take note of key differences in cut, fit and shape. Certain design details may make them the perfect fit for you and the workout you love doing. We’ve done all the hard work for you and rounded up the best features to keep an eye out for when finding your ideal pair.


High waisted leggings


Undoubtedly the most flattering style for every figure, high waisted leggings are super comfortable and supportive. They feature a high rise, and all our leggings are made with a super soft, stretchy waistband. When thinking about how to style gym leggings this stunning, the answer is clear, they go with everything.


High waist leggings are amazing for all sessions, from high intensity to weights and more, as the high rise fit means they’re less likely to roll or slip down. These sports leggings are also super supportive and keep your tummy and waist feeling sculpted. Try some of the Bo+Tee high waisted designs with a cropped top or cropped sweatshirt for a cute gym fit.


Bum sculpting leggings


Is leg day coming up? We’ve got your back, with the best leggings to help lift and shape your booty next time you’re in the gym. A lot of our styles are designed with ruching to the rear, which helps give shape, plus contoured panels to help lift and sculpt.



Wrap V waist leggings


If you don’t know anything about our wrap leggings, get to know them. For a more unique style, we’re obsessed with the V-shape high-waisted band, which makes the waist look super sculpted. This style may show slightly more skin than our high-rise leggings, but they’re just as flattering and the answer to how to style gym leggings is the same.


Flare hem leggings


A newer style for Bo+Tee, our in-house design team has been experimenting with hem shapes. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, our fit and flared leggings are a good choice for both in and out of the gym.


How to style gym leggings that are flared is a fun process. Try a cropped gym top or an oversized jumper for a cosy gym outfit.


Petite gym leggings


Go shorty! If you find that leggings can sometimes have too much fabric in the leg length, we’ve tailored all of our best-selling gym legging styles to fit petite heights. 



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