The Benefits of Exercising with Friends

Exercising. Something that’s at the top of our to-do lists and something that we know is beneficial for our bodies and minds. Yet we’re all guilty of skipping a session to socialise or relax after a busy day of work.


Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re sharing our favourite benefits of exercising with friends. Exercising can also be a form of socialising so it’s time to switch your mindset and start having fun while you work out. Exercising with friends can be a great way to feel supported and motivated, making sure you stick to your fitness routine week in, week out.


In this blog we’ll discuss the 3 main benefits of exercising with friends as well as sharing some example workouts for you to do with your exercise bestie! So, get on your favourite matching gym sets with your friend and get ready!



3 Benefits of Exercising with Friends: 


Benefit 1: Accountability Partner


When it comes to working out and seeing results, consistency is key. But we all know it can be hard finding the motivation to carry on. When choosing to exercise with a friend you’re essentially hiring a personal accountability coach, which is one of the great benefits of exercising with friends! Choose a friend / friends that’ll inspire and encourage you in your fitness journey and ensure that no workouts are missed!



Benefit 2: Healthy Competition 


Having only yourself to compete with isn’t very motivating but if you saw your friend gain an ab muscle wouldn’t you push yourself harder to see results?! Using each other as healthy competition is one of our favourite benefits of exercising with friends; to help you achieve goals faster and feel your best.


Benefit 3: Increased Confidence


The gym environment can be intimidating, especially when you’re new to the world of fitness. Sometimes it can feel like all eyes are on you which can lead to a less productive workout and feeling discouraged. So, one of the major benefits of exercising with friends is having someone by your side as you enter this environment. This’ll help ease nerves and make way for success.


Example Partner Workouts: 


Beginner: JOJA Community 10 Minute Partner Workout 



Intermediate: Juice & Toya 20 Minute Full Body High Intensity No Equipment Partner Workout



Advanced: Joanna Soh Intense 40 Minute Cardio & Core Kickboxing Partner Workout



“Exercising with friends is like a party that never stops. You get your workout done twice as fast and twice as fun!”


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