The Benefits of Guided Meditation

Meditating has lots of emotional and physical benefits. It’s a great way to unwind, focus and generally keep your mental health in check. Today we’re sharing the benefits of guided meditation as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions. So if you’re ready to hear more, keep scrolling below…



Everything You Need to Know About Guided Meditation



What is guided meditation?


The term “guided meditation” is used to describe a meditation session that aims to use all of your senses and is led by an experienced teacher. This is different from silent meditation where you would be alone and leading the session yourself.

How do you do guided meditation?


If you’re looking to start guided meditation then start by looking online for sessions that are held close to you, where you live or work. The practitioner or teacher will talk you through the meditation step by step and you simply follow their instruction.



How often should you practice guided meditation?


Experts say to really reap the benefits of guided meditation it’s best to practice it at least once per day. Consistency is really important, especially if you’re a beginner.

What do you wear to a guided meditation session?


Wear something you feel comfortable in. Typically a session will last around 45 minutes so you don’t want anything to be annoying you as this’ll be very distracting. We love wearing some ultra comfy leggings and matching crop top with a lightweight hoodie over the top. 



5 Benefits of Guided Meditation


Benefit 1: Reduces Stress


If you often feel tense or stressed then guided meditation can really help to bring your mind and body peace. Even if you just practice meditating for a few minutes a day, this’ll really help!


Benefit 2: Increases Creativity


The next benefit of guided meditation is that it increases creativity. When you meditate your eyes are closed and you have to use your imagination while you’re guided through different scenarios. This ultimately helps to heighten your creativity in everyday life too!



Benefit 3: Boosts Self-Awareness


The third benefit of guided meditation is that it boosts your self-awareness. Meditation techniques encourage you to be aware of your inner and outer body which allows you to develop self-awareness and become more present.


Benefit 4: Helps Manage Anxiety


The fourth benefit of guided meditation is that it helps to manage any anxiety you might have. By focussing on your breath and finding your inner calm, meditation helps bring peace to your mind and body.



Benefit 5: Helps Sleep


The fifth and final benefit of guided meditation on our list is that it can help sleep. Again, due to the peaceful, calming nature of meditation it can help you feel extremely relaxed and lead to a better night's sleep. That’s why it’s great to meditate before bed!

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