Exercises for People Who Don’t Like Exercise

If you’re really not a fan of exercise but you understand the importance of exercising, don’t worry! As always, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together a list of the best exercises for people who don’t like exercise, to help you have fun while you move. 


It’s time to say goodbye to grudging your usual incline walk and hello to a workout you’ll actually look forward to. So, change into your favourite Bo+Tee matching activewear set, grab a protein bar of your choice and keep scrolling below for our top 5 exercises for people who don’t like exercise…


5 Exercises for People Who Don’t Like Exercise


#1. Walking


For us, the number 1 best exercise for people who don’t like exercise is walking. Walking is one of the most accessible exercises and a really great way to get fresh air, catch up with friends and of course, get your steps in!


#2. Swimming


If you’re really not a gym goer and don’t enjoy exercise then don’t worry: you’re not alone! Try joining a leisure centre with a pool instead, you might even find one that offers extra spa facilities like a sauna and steam room. Swimming is another great exercise for people who don’t like exercise as it can be really relaxing while also getting your body moving.


#3. Dancing


If you’d like an upbeat exercise that’s fun and exciting then dancing is the one for you. Dancing can be a great way to exercise for people who don’t like exercise because it’s not only fun but a really good workout too.


If you’re not quite at the stage of professional dance studios then why not try a zumba or barre class? Both of these classes incorporate many elements of dancing without being too serious. So, if you need a sign to buy a cute matching gym set and sign up to a zumba class with your best friend - this is it!



#4. Housework


Ok, we know nobody likes housework but it’s something that has to be done - right? So why not turn your usual housework routine into an exercise? Hoovering, mopping, cleaning and carrying laundry, stripping and making your bed: all of these things increase your heart rate and get your body moving. That’s exactly why housework is another ideal exercise for people who hate exercise.


#5. Obstacle Course


Our last (but not least) favourite exercise for people who don’t like exercise would have to be an obstacle course. If you like the idea but can’t seem to motivate yourself to do it, why not sign up to a charity obstacle course with your friends? If you’re raising money for a good cause and you’re all in it together, you’re bound to: stay focussed, complete the course and have lots of fun with your friends while you do it!


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