Self-Care Evening Routine

Ready to get your self-care in check? We got you! Today you’re in for a treat as we’re sharing the best evening self-care routine, ever! It’s super important that you make time for yourself each week and what better way than an evening of self-care and relaxation.


We’ve pulled together 7 key steps so that you can have the best evening self-care routine. Feel free to add in your own steps depending on your interests, for example you might hate cooking so why not switch this activity to ordering your favourite meal in? A night of self-care is all about you and doing what makes you feel most relaxed and refreshed. 


So, change into your favourite Bo+Tee athleisure look and keep scrolling below to discover the best evening self-care routine. Trust us when we say: you’ll never want to skip self-care night ever again!



The Best Self-Care Evening Routine

Step 1: Take a relaxing shower or bath

The best self-care evening routine starts with taking a relaxing shower or bath. Invest in some new bath bombs or shower steamers and stick on your favourite playlist or podcast. 

Step 2: Use your favourite skincare products

Once your shower or bath is complete, it’s time to move onto your evening skincare. Pull out your go-to products and work them into your skin in your usual routine. Running light on skincare? Why not invest in some new products you’ve had your eye on. 


Step 3: Change into an ultra-comfy ‘fit 

Next up, an important part of your self-care evening routine is to change into an outfit that’s super soft on your skin and allows ultimate comfort and flexibility. You don’t want to feel restricted while you relax so we’d recommend something loose fitting like an oversized t-shirt and mini shorts, or a cute sweatshirt and joggers combo.



Step 4: Cook up a storm

Once you’re feeling fresh, comfy and probably hungry, head to the kitchen to cook up your favourite meal. Need some inspo? Check out our Veggie Recipes by Jess Tedds blog. If you and cooking just aren’t a match then not to worry team, order a delivery from your restaurant of choice and pour yourself a drink while you wait for it to arrive.


Step 5: Light a candle

An important step in the best self-care evening routine is to set the scene. Light a candle, dim the lights and curl up under a fluffy blanket. You want to really make sure that your environment reflects what makes you feel most happy, at peace and relaxed.

Step 6: Read a book

Now reading isn’t for everyone, but if it is then this should be your step 6 in the best self-care evening routine. Getting lost in a book for an hour or so before bed really helps to wind down your mind and ultimately leads to a better night's sleep. 

If a book just isn’t your thing then switch this for flicking through a magazine or listening to a podcast. Whatever you choose, try your best to avoid the temptation of scrolling on your phone!



Step 7: Get an early night

The final step in the best self-care evening routine is to get an early night. Even if this is just 1 or 2 nights per week, your body and mind will really thank you for it. Why not complete step 6 while you're in your bed, that way it’s easier once you shut off to go straight to sleep and avoid getting distracted by something around your house.

Ready to try our best self-care evening routine?

You’ve reached the end of the best self-care evening routine, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two. Now it’s time to put it into practice and try it out yourself. And remember, you can tweak it here and there to suit yourself!

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