Things to do on Your Lunch Break

Do you catch yourself sitting around on your lunch break? You’ve eaten but now what? Instead of sitting scrolling on your phone, why not use this time to boost your energy and feel good for the rest of your working day?


Creating a habit and being consistent is one of the no.1 ways to be successful. Even if you do one productive activity for 10 minutes every day on your lunch break, that’s 60 hours in a year of doing that 1 activity! Think about how beneficial that could be! 


Keep scrolling below for our top 6 things to do on your lunch break. Trust us when we say: you don’t wanna miss this!



6 Things to do on Your Lunch Break


#1. Listen to a podcast 


First up on our list of things to do on your lunch break is listening to a podcast! Podcasts have definitely grown in popularity over the years. Whether you’re listening for entertainment, advice or factual information, they’re a great way to fill your time. Simply type in whatever you’re interested in to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and stream!  


Podcasts are also great as you have the ability to pause and come back to listening when you next have time. So find a podcast you love and start streaming as one of your new things to do on your lunch break, you could even listen on the go!


Summarised benefits: Learn, multi-task whilst listening, huge variety of topics



#2. Go on a walk 


Walking’s a form of exercise that’s not spoken about enough! It offers numerous health benefits including prevention from diseases and significantly reducing stress levels. This is a form of exercise for all ages of people and an activity that will set you up for a productive afternoon post lunch break. Even if you just go for a 10 minute stroll, this is one of the best things to do on your lunch break.


Summarised Benefits: Good for mental health, physical exercise, increases energy levels



#3. Watch a TED talks video 


TED talks is an American-Canadian organisation that posts talks online for free. Their goal isto inform and educate global audiences in an accessible way.’ 


Studies have shown that by listening to TED talks you’ll learn how to think critically about new/ difficult information and this skill will benefit you almost immediately. Simply type ‘TED Talks’ into YouTube and choose from a range of topics for your lunch break.


Summarised Benefits: Learn, interactive, motivational



#4. Read a book


Reading is a hugely effective way to relax whilst also widening your vocabulary. Choose a novel you love and find somewhere where you can sit, be still and enjoy a light read during your mid-day break.


Summarised Benefits: Improves brain connectivity, increases your vocabulary, reduces stress



#5. Learn a language


Is there a language you’ve always wanted to learn? Why don't you use your lunch break to study your chosen language in an easy and interactive way? Simply download an app such as Duolingo, Babbel or many more to enhance your brain and have the ability to communicate with others in a different part of the world. Even doing a short amount everyday will really add up, making learning a language one of the best things to do on your lunch break.


Summarised Benefits: Improves memory, enhanced problem solving skills, enhanced creative thinking capacity



#6. Colouring books 


Many of you may be reading colouring books and thinking; ‘but that’s for children’ or ‘I’m too old for colouring in’... but, colouring in has been recognised as a way to reduce stress and positively impact your mental health! If you’re tense at work and want to have a lunch break that helps relieve that tense and stressed state, colouring is a great activity for you to do. 


Summarised Benefits: Improves focus, reduces stress, improves motor skills


“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”- Brian Tracy 

Create a lunch break habit with these simple things to do on your lunch break and reap the benefits. 


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