Quick Warm Up Exercises You Should Try!

It’s really important to do a quick warm up exercise (properly!) before you start exercising. This’ll help you to prevent injury and allow your mind and body to fully wake up, ready to start your training. Make sure when you’re warming up you do exercises that offer a full range of motion, making sure your lower and upper body is ready to go.


Instead of spending hours searching for “what is a good warm up routine” and scrolling through countless online pages, we thought we’d put together this quick warm up exercise routine for you to try at home, or in the gym. Whether you’re strength training, aerobic training or simply looking for warm up exercises for running, this routine is sure to get you going. 


So Bo+Tee team, change into your favourite gym set and grab a bottle of water, it’s time to turn up the heat for these quick warm up exercises

Exercise 1: Jogging (30 seconds)


Start off the quick warm up by lightly jogging on the spot. This should get your heart rate going and allow your entire body to start waking up.

Exercise 2: Walk outs (30 seconds)


Next, stand with your feet hip width apart. Bend down and walk your hands along the floor until you come to a plank position. Hold for a couple of seconds then walk your hands back in and stand upright.


This movement will help warm up all muscles but especially your upper body.

Exercise 3: High knees (30 seconds)


Stand with your feet hip width apart. One at a time pull your knees up towards your chest. Continue this at a running pace.


This will activate your hip flexors, glutes, calves, hamstrings and overall lower body.

Exercise 4: Toe touch (30 seconds)


For this quick warm up exercise we’d recommend having your feet shoulder width apart, in a comfortable position. Swing one leg up, bringing the opposite hand over to touch your toes, then repeat on the other side.


Try your best to keep your leg straight but if you need to, a slight bend in your knee isn’t a problem.

Exercise 5: Windmill arms (30 seconds)


End your quick warm up by doing windmill arms. Stretch both arms up straight to the ceiling and rotate them round in full circles. If you can, try testing your mind by moving your arms in opposite directions at the same time. 


By now you should be feeling much warmer, but if you're not then repeat the quick warm up exercise routine once more.



As we mentioned before, it’s always important to warm up before you do any exercising and this simple yet quick warm up routine should only take around 5 minutes. It’ll help prepare your body for any physical activities, as well as preventing injury and maintaining or improving muscle elasticity.


Once you’ve warmed up and worked out make sure to finish your session with a proper cool down. Stay tuned for our quick & easy cool down routine, coming soon...


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