Bodyweight Ab Workout

Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re talking about all things abs! So grab your fave Bo+Tee set as we push you to your limit with our bodyweight ab workout – trust us, this one is guaranteed to work up a sweat!


What is a core workout?


According to the Mayo Clinic, a core workout consists of any exercise that involves the use of your abdominal and back muscles in a coordinated fashion.


Why are bodyweight ab workouts important?


An essential part of every well-rounded workout routine is core training. Naturally, we associate core workouts with defined abdominal muscles and reducing body fat. However, strong core muscles also make it easier to do many activities and weak core muscles can lead to injuries, lower back pain, fatigue and less endurance.


Your core provides a muscular framework that protects your internal organs, aids movement, and provides balance and stability to your whole body. Core exercises can also help to improve back pain by building strength and endurance which are essential for good posture and support of the spine.



Bo+Tee’s Bodyweight Ab Workout


Training your core doesn’t have to involve endless hours at the gym and weighted routines. In fact, one of the most effective ways to tone and strengthen your core is by completing bodyweight exercises.


Don’t forget – proper nutrition is essential in reaching your fitness goals you want so make sure you supplement your bodyweight ab workouts with a healthy balanced diet.


Perform each move for 30 seconds back-to-back with no rest in between. Once all 6 moves are complete, rest for one minute and then repeat 3 more times! If you’re a beginner - there’s no rush, take your time and build your bodyweight ab workouts up session by session. Let’s go team!


Exercise 1: Leg flutters


Start by lying on your back and extending your legs up to a 45-degree angle. 

Lift your head, neck and shoulders slightly off the ground. 

Next, keep your legs together with your toes pointed and alternate between each leg raising and lowering them. 

Remember to keep your core engaged throughout.



Exercise 2: V sit ups


Lie on your back and engage your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your legs up to an extended position at a 45-degree angle with your torso. 

Next, reach your arms straight forward and remember to maintain good core posture. 

Hold this V-shaped position and then return to starting position and repeat for the full 30 seconds.  


Exercise 3: Reverse crunch


Lie on your back and bend your knees at 90-degrees. 

Then, engaging your core, lift your hips off the floor as you crunch your knees towards your chest. 

Hold the crunch at the top of the movement then lower your hips to starting position, repeat for 30 seconds.



Exercise 4: Mountain climbers


Drop into a press up position with your arms straight and legs extended. 

Keeping your core engaged and your shoulders, hips and feet in a straight line throughout – bring one knee towards your chest and then return it to the starting position. 

Repeat the movement with the other leg and then continue alternating legs throughout.


Exercise 5: Plank


Drop into a press up position and choose to either straighten your arms or go onto your elbows. 

Make sure they are parallel to your legs, and you are making a straight line from your heels to your head. 

Engage your core muscles and hold for the duration of the rep.



Exercise 6: Elbow plank with hip dips


Repeat the same steps as a normal plank (see above) but instead of holding the same position for the full rep, gently and slowly alternate between hips, dipping them at either side of your body pointing towards the floor. 

Keep moving from side to side for the duration of the 30 seconds.

Feel the burn or save this bodyweight ab workout for later but make sure to have a post workout stretch and cool down afterwards team!


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