Inspire Confidence: Beginners Boxing Workout Tips

Feel like you’re always gravitating towards the same things each and every gym session? Or maybe you’re interested in taking up a new sport or joining a new gym class? Well team, as always, we got you! 


Today we’re talking all things beginners boxing workouts and how you can use sport for confidence. We want you to feel strong and empowered walking into that session, so it’s time to give yourself that boost you need. If you have a lack of courage or confidence when it comes to beginners boxing workouts then this one’s for you! 


We’re by no means saying stay tuned for advanced boxing tips but these are sure to get you started and feeling good while you do. Once you’re moving up the ranks and you start training like Tyson Fury we’ll leave it to the health professionals.



Starting a new sport can be nerve-wracking, whatever it is! You’ve got to take the initial plunge and build confidence as you go. As you take on regular beginners boxing training you’ll become more and more confident in yourself and your sport and who knows, maybe you’ll even start coaching other team members. 


Keep scrolling below for our top tips to learning beginners boxing workouts and doing it with confidence…


[1] Join a class with a friend 


Our first tip would be: start a beginners boxing workout class with a friend. Many gyms and leisure centers will offer weekly beginners boxing classes so make sure to check out what’s available near you.  


By joining a class you’ll learn lots from a boxing instructor, it doesn’t matter how much of a newbie you might be - there’s sure to be more people in the exact same position as you!



[2] Practice the basics 


Make sure you know the proper beginners boxing workout stance and punching techniques. You don’t want to get your left hook muddled with your body shot, or your punch combos confused with your power punches.  


As well as this you should practice your breathing techniques to make sure you’re at the top of your game. Don’t hold your breath and don’t forget that you should always exhale when you punch!  


By following the step above and attending a beginners boxing workout class, the instructor will be sure to keep you right on all things stance, punching and breathing.



[3] Hit the bag lightly to begin with


Beginners boxing training is the same as any other, you should start lightly and build yourself up gradually. Start by throwing a punch from your body rather than your arms directly at the bag and repeat. This’ll make sure you’ve got enough stamina and energy to finish your session.  

The more you repeat, the better you’ll get and your boxing confidence will improve in no time at all. Using sport for confidence isn’t just about being confident at doing the sport, e.g. beginners boxing, it’ll also give you a boost of courage in your everyday life. 

Exercise will improve your mental health and can even change your perception of yourself - so make sure you stick at it, team!



[4] Stay focussed 


Keep your head up and stay focussed. Try not to feel intimidated and uncomfortably stare at the ground, make sure your head is held high and you’re focussing on your opponent. After all, the last thing you want is to be knocked out! 


[5] Drink enough water


Make sure you’re always drinking enough water, whether you’re hitting the bag at home or in the gym. Starting beginners boxing training as a beginner is hard and you’re bound to sweat like crazy so make sure you’re keeping on top of your fluids. 


As if that’s not reason enough then remember, without being properly hydrated you won’t have the energy to train each session!



Hopefully this blog has given you the confidence kick you need to take on beginners boxing workouts. Even if you don’t think it’s for you we’d say give it a go, you might just surprise yourself!

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