Q&A with Meggan Grubb

We caught up with fitness guru Meggan Grubb on her newest collection, Bo+Tee x Beyond. She spoke to us about the inspiration behind her collection, the colour palette, why she chose to collaborate with Bo+Tee and even revealed her fave piece within the range! 


So grab a smoothie, throw on your ultimate Bo+Tee set and keep scrolling below for some juicy insider information on your all-time fave girl…

#1. Tell us a little bit about your background. When did your love for fitness really kick-start?


My love for fitness began about 7 years ago. Well actually, that’s when I made the decision to start working out, but I probably fell in love with it about a year later. For the first year I struggled to figure out what I enjoyed. I found everything in the gym super daunting and had no idea how to use any of the machines or equipment, so I was quite nervous whenever I went.


Eventually, I learnt quite a bit through watching exercises online and copying what they did, back then there was nowhere near as much information about training and lifting weights. Eventually I really started to enjoy training and I particularly found it super helpful when I was at university.


It became my hour in the day to forget about deadlines and release any stress I felt. That then became my why, why I loved training and why I wanted it to become part of my routine. I’ve always been quite anxious and it helps me feel calm when I feel out of control, because it’s something I can control!

#2. What motivates you most to work out?


Definitely the buzz and energy it gives me afterwards. I always motivate myself by reminding myself how I’ll feel after. There’s no point relying on anyone else for motivation, it has to come from within as it’s only you that can really get yourself there.


Remember your why and why you started training and wanted it to be part of your routine. That’s your reason to go!

#3. What was the inspiration behind the collection?


The inspiration behind the collection stemmed from my fitness and mental health app, Beyond. Beyond is very much based on the sky with its colour palette and with its meaning. A quote I love to say is “even when it’s grey outside there’s blue beyond the clouds” meaning even when things seem dark and gloomy, a better day is coming.


Working out has massively helped me mentally and pushes me through any cloud headspace. There’s nothing better than stepping into the gym feeling confident and fab in your gym outfit too, especially when it’s dark and cold. That’s why I wanted to create a colour palette of the winter sky with this range.

#4. What made you decide to collaborate with Bo+Tee?


I wanted to collaborate with Bo+Tee for a few reasons. I wore their clothes a lot during the first lockdown when I was teaching live workouts on Instagram everyday. They’ve held a special place in my heart since then as that time was so odd but the live workouts were a massive help to my mental health and kept me going every day.


But also they really let me have full involvement creatively. I am super passionate and particular about anything I put out to my audience, as I care about their opinion and wouldn’t want anyone to buy into something that wasn’t to a high standard.

#5. What colours are available and why did you choose them?


There’s 3 colours available to shop. Baby blue, charcoal grey and off black. They’re all tied into the winter sky but also I feel like they’re such staples for your wardrobe. 


Everybody loves a black gym set and this one is quite literally the comfiest, most flattering one you’ll find. The baby blue is a limited edition colour that matches my app, Beyond. I feel this adds the cute, fun tone to the palette! And finally, the charcoal grey is one that you’ll grab all the time.

#6. What’s your fave piece within the collection?


My favourite piece in the collection has to be the leggings. The fit and shape of them is just insane. They’re without a doubt the most flattering leggings I’ve come across on the market. They’re simple enough to wear as day to day leggings with a denim jacket, crop top and trainers but also compressed enough to hold you in for a solid workout. 


You can’t go wrong with them, they’re quite literally like no other gym leggings you’ll find!

#7. What are your 3 tips for overcoming gym anxiety?


Tip 1: A good playlist! I always find that when I get an empowering, sassy song on I feel like I’m in a film or something. It gets me in the zone and stops me thinking about what’s going on around me.


Tip 2: Gym buddy! Going with a friend will make it more fun and help you feel less alone or worried. You’re in it together.


Tip 3: Don’t worry too much! Most people aren’t looking at you at all, and if they are then their session must be pretty rubbish to be wondering what you’re up to!

#8.  What’s your current go-to workout song?


Always the Mamma Mia soundtrack - you can’t go wrong with a bit of Abba! ALL of them are feel-good tunes!

Now that your smoothie’s settled and you’re (hopefully) feeling motivated, why not try Megg’s resistance band workout. If there’s one thing we know for sure; this one’ll have you breaking a sweat yet feeling your best in no time. 

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