Confidence Tips With Sian Lord

It’s time to welcome our next guest blogger into Bo+Tee’s Locker Room. Today we have the lovely Sian Lord, sharing with us her inspiring story, why she loves Bo+Tee and sharing her confidence tips. If you don’t already, then make sure you check her out on insta @sianlord_



So, tell us a little bit about yourself...


I’m Sian Lord, Wife, Mother, Motivational Speaker, Model and Mentor.


I definitely have titles I never thought I would have when describing who I am and what I do.


In 2013 I had just finished my 1st university year studying fashion buying with design, so if my life had gone how I thought it would have, then I would have written, Wife, Mother and Fashion Buyer.


That’s how unpredictable life can be and change in a matter of seconds, and unfortunately that is exactly what happened to me. I was 24 years old on holiday in New York with my best friend when I was hit by a taxi whilst I was walking on the pavement. The taxi hit me so hard that my left leg was severed off instantly! Again, unfortunately for me I remember and felt everything including the blood draining from my body due to my missing body part. If it wasn’t for a plumber using his belt as a tourniquet to stop me from bleeding to death, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today.



I spent the next 6 weeks in hospital in NYC undergoing 4 different surgeries on my leg and nursing other injuries I sustained. After I was discharged, I was finally able to fly home where the fun really began. I was adjusting to life as a disabled person, I learnt how to walk again and went back to university.


Going back to complete my course was the best decision I ever made because it kept my mind creatively busy away from clinical appointments and I graduated with a 2.1 in 2015.


Despite everything I have been through emotionally and physically I was still happy, happy I was still alive to see and experience my new found outlook on life. We may experience awful times that we have no control over but there is always a way to find your strength and carry on.


I love to use social media to share confidence tips with people and others with disabilities that no matter our appearance we can still be included, especially in the fashion industry. I show my prosthetic leg with pride and that will never change.



What does confidence mean to you?


Confidence means everything to me because I went through such a hard time when I didn’t know where my life was going after my leg amputation. When I became comfortable in myself my confidence naturally started to grow, in the clothes I wore, socialising and focusing on the things that genuinely made me happy. My life changed so much when I accepted myself for who I was and realised that I will only live a happy, confident and fulfilling life if I gave it to myself.



What confidence tips would you give to a person with a disability who's scared, nervous or worried about taking up a sport?


The only confidence tips I could truly give is just get out there and try it! Nerves around starting something new is natural to everyone, disability or not. That anxious feeling is always bigger in your head than the actual thing you’re trying to do.


We can all do anything we truly want and are meant to do; you just have to trust the process and go for it.


Why do you love wearing Bo+Tee?


I love wearing Bo+Tee because they stand out from the crowd with their flattering silhouettes and colourways. I love that you can wear the items in the gym and out!


How do you feel when you're wearing Bo+Tee?


I feel super supported whilst working out in Bo+Tee. The fabrics are so structured and premium and there’s nothing worse than constantly adjusting your outfit whilst working out. 


How do you stay motivated?


I have to stay motivated by writing myself a schedule for the following week on a Sunday evening. I have a daughter so my days can easily be all over the place.


This is something that has really helped me, not to mention I get some strange satisfaction from ticking things off when they're done.


I’m also a huge believer in vision boards and love to make new ones at the end of each year.



What's your favourite energy boosting activity?


My favourite energy boosting activity would have to be boxing. For me, it’s one of those workouts that’s fun but you gain so much from it and it works every part of your body. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our girl Sian’s story and top tips on being confident. For more confidence tips why not give Sophia’s blog a read, or our blog on Running Tips For Beginners.


See you next time! Love, Bo+Tee x