Easy Workout Hairstyles

If you’ve read our How To Avoid Sweaty Gym Hair blog then we’re sure you’ve got your workout hair care routine in check. But what about those all important up-do’s?


Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re bringing you some easy workout hairstyles that’ll last. There’s nothing more annoying than your hair getting in the way of your session, so why not follow these easy workout hairstyles so you can train with ease. 

If you’re not a pro when it comes to styling your hair then don’t worry! We’ve found the perfect TikTok videos that you can follow at home to master these easy workout hairstyles in no time. Everyone knows an up-do is the perfect way to keep your hair off your face AND show off your new matching set, so you can have that iconic new sports bra and leggings set on full display.


Our Favourite Easy Workout Hairstyles That’ll Last


@amandapinkel French braids are harder for me than Dutch 🙈 #hairtutorial #frenchbraid ♬ original sound - KAE🌷💐


Hairstyle 1: French Braids


Having your hair in French braids while you workout will help to keep your hair healthy and damage free while you sweat. Not only does it look cute but it’s the best easy workout hairstyles for staying perfectly in place, whatever the activity. French braids are particularly good so you can show off your cross back crop tops!


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Hairstyle 2: Slick Back Bun


If you’re running, cycling or doing almost any cardio exercise then a slick back bun will be your best friend. It’ll keep your hair pulled back off your face and avoid any unwanted distractions while you exercise.


@auroralovestrand so easy but looks so cute! #hairtutorial #hairgoals #fishtailbraid #fishtail #braidtutorial #braidstutorial #longhair ♬ "The Photo" - </3


Hairstyle 3: Fishtail Braids


Similar to French braids, fishtail braids are the ideal easy workout hairstyle that’ll last. They keep your hair back from your face, help to avoid breakage in your hair and look super stylish. They’ll also leave your hair with a gorgeous wavy texture post-workout meaning you don’t need to wash your hair every single time you train.


@amandapinkel Ponytail hack 👏 #gymhair #gymhairstyles #ponytailtutorial #hairideas ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush


Hairstyle 4: Ponytail


A classic ponytail is always a winning hairstyle, whatever the activity. There’s so many varieties of ponytail you can choose from, whether you’re looking for something simple or a little bit different there’s sure to be a style for you. Why not try a bubble style pony or a slicked back high pony to channel your inner Ariana Grande.


@emluder This is all just had to share for my thick hair frands! #messybun #messybuntutorial #gymhairtutorial ♬ original sound - Emily Luder


Hairstyle 5: Messy Bun


Lastly, you really can’t go wrong with a messy bun up-do. This easy workout hairstyle is simple yet effective and takes very little effort. This is a super quick hairstyle that’s perfect for early morning classes or last minute sessions.


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