How to: Avoid Sweaty Gym Hair

Coordinating your hair wash days with workouts can feel like an impossible task, trust us, we get it! The thought of working out then washing, drying and styling your hair BEFORE you rush out the door for a 9am start can really put you off morning gym sessions. While the post-workout endorphins feel unreal, your hair can be left feeling lifeless and greasy.


Not to worry team, that’s exactly why we’ve pulled together this helpful gym hair care guide so you know how to prevent sweaty hair at the gym, and after! We know you want your hair to look as fresh as your matching set, after all what’s better than an up-do that’ll keep your hair clean while showing off that new sports bra or crop top?


We’re bringing to you the best gym hairstyles and our ultimate pre and post workout hair care routine, so you can workout daily with confidence. Trust us when we say: once you follow this helpful gym hair care guide, you’ll never skip a workout for the sake of your hair again.



Pre-Workout Hair Care Routine


Did you know that the secret to grease-free workout hair actually starts before you’ve entered the gym? We’d recommend using dry shampoo before sweat. This will help to soak up any moisture on your scalp and unwanted hair oils, keeping your hair feeling light, fresh and full of life.


If you do this, make sure to wash your hair every alternate day and a relaxing monthly scalp scrub is always a good idea! This will get rid of any build up on your scalp and ensure all round healthy hair. 


After you’ve applied your dry shampoo, it’s time to get styling. For the best grease-free results, make sure your hair is pulled back and off your face. Whatever look you’re going for when styling your hair, you want to make sure that it’s not too tight - this will help avoid unwanted breakage! Use hair ties that are gentle on your hair and comfortable when you’re working out.



The Best Workout Hairstyles


Short Hair Looks


If you’re short haired then you might be lucky enough to get away with having your hair down in the gym - lucky you! However you’ll still want to make sure that it’s pushed back and not touching your face. For this you can use a sweat band or even just some bobby pins should do the trick.


Medium Hair Looks


If you’ve got medium length hair then why not try a low messy bun. Keep your hair parted and pull it back behind your ears, secure into a low ponytail with your hair tie of choice before wrapping it around to create a messy bun. Don’t be too precious on how it looks as it’s ultimately going to end up more messy post-workout. 


Long Hair Looks


If you’re blessed with length then we’d recommend a french braid or two fishtail braids to see you through your session with ease. This gym hairstyle will keep your hair back off your face while protecting your hair from breakage. You should only need hair ties at the ends of your braids and your post-workout look should have a natural textured wave.



Post-Workout Hair Care Routine


Once you’ve finished your session it’s important to switch up your hairstyle so that your scalp can breathe. Try not to use any heat on your hair, if you feel like it needs a blast from the hair dryer then make sure this is switched to the cool setting.


Depending on your post-workout hairstyle of choice, you might want to use some styling product to slick your hair back or give it some added texture. A half-up, half-down look or low slick back bun can be your best friend when it comes to post-gym hairstyles. Ultimately it really depends on your hair and your own personal preference, so why not try out a few and see which suits you best.


To keep your hair in pristine condition, we’d always use weekly-monthly hair masks and heat protectant where needed. But we’re sure your hairdresser can advise you best on these! 



Ready to sweat with style?


We hope this blog post has given you all of the tips and tricks needed for those all-important daily workouts. Now you can workout in confidence knowing that your endorphins won’t be compromised for that rigid haircare schedule. 


Now change into your favourite Bo+Tee set, grab your water bottle and hit the gym. It’s time to get sweaty, Team!

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