Eliminate Exam Stress

Study and exam season isn’t the one. Trust us, we get it. If you’re wondering how to relieve stress from exams and hectic revision schedules (and you’re tired of practising past exam papers) then we’ve got just the thing for you. Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re talking all things self-care to help you cope with exam season. 


Keep scrolling for our best tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with stress and maintaining good mental health throughout exam periods. Don’t worry team, we got you!



Tip 1: Create a good routine.


If you’re wondering how to cope with exam stress then our number 1 tip would be to create a good routine. A good routine looks different to everyone so tailor this to suit you and your schedule around exam time. 


If you’re an early riser who loves mornings then why not aim for a 30 minute walk each morning to help you start your day. Stick on your favourite podcast and grab a coffee in your go-to reusable cup and you’re good to go. This will help you clear your mind and get your body moving so you’re ready to tackle the day ahead with ease.


If mornings aren’t your thing then make sure you take this into consideration when creating a routine. It’s fine to start your day off slowly with your skincare routine, a cuppa and your favourite breakfast. This will help you wake up at your own pace and reduce any unnecessary stress.



Tip 2: Update your wardrobe.


There’s nothing worse than trying to study in an uncomfortable outfit, if you’re asking us. If your stress levels are already high then the last thing you want is to be wearing something that’s too tight, itchy or digging in.


If this sounds all too familiar then we’d recommend you consider investing some of your student loan into a much needed wardrobe update. Pick up some comfortable pieces of loungewear or why not try a fashion-forward activewear set. Always make sure to take advantage of our student discounts on Unidays and Student Beans.


Here at Bo+Tee we offer lots of matching top and bottoms sets that will provide you with comfort and flexibility. Our sweat-proof fabrics are sure to leave you feeling confident and motivated, meaning you can focus completely on your studies.



Tip 3: Stay hydrated.


While you study, or during your exam, make sure you take a minute break every so often to grab a drink of water. It’s super important to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your revision period to keep your energy and concentration levels high.


Drink lots of water throughout the day and don’t binge drink right before you head to bed. Pick up a reusable water bottle in a cute design and make sure it’s always full so you can sip as and when you need.



Tip 4: Have a dedicated self-care day.


If you feel anxious and overwhelmed one of the best things you can do is have a self-care day. Take some time out of your busy schedule and have a day just for you. You can spend this day however you like, whether it’s working out, reading a book or watching movies on the sofa. It'll do you the world of good just to get a break.


Use this dedicated self-care day to fully recharge your batteries before getting back to your intense revision schedule. This will allow you to maintain high standards and high energy levels so you can get the best results you possibly can.



Tip 5: Put your phone down 1 hour before bed.


Last but by no means least, if you’re struggling with sleep at night then try putting your phone down 1 hour before bed. This will let your mind shut off properly and increase your chances of a really good night's sleep. 


Instead of scrolling endlessly through social media why not try reading a new book or sticking on a podcast to listen to. Light a candle and switch off the lights to allow yourself to fully relax and switch into sleep mode. 


Another thing you can do before bed is practice manifestation or yoga. Both of these exercises should help you maintain a positive mindset and reduce any stress or anxious feelings.



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