How to: Stay Healthy at Uni

Going to uni and becoming the all-new, independent you is definitely exciting. You’re bound to meet friends for life, discover new cities and probably have one too many nights out - but it’s important to remember your health. 


Today we’re sharing with you our best tips and tricks so you know how to stay healthy at uni. Whether you’re heading into first, second, third or fourth year (or beyond!) use this ultimate guide to keep your health in check while you study. We’ll be covering 3 main topics within the blog, including mental health, diet and exercising, so keep scrolling below if you want to know more…



Want to Know How To Stay Healthy at Uni?


Tip 1: Maintain a balanced diet


This doesn’t mean eating clean all the time because let’s be honest, we always love a takeaway now and again! But while you’re at university it’s important to try and maintain a balanced diet, including lots of nutrients and vitamins. If you’d like to know more about how to stay healthy at uni through maintaining a balanced diet, check out the NHS Eatwell Guide.


Eating unhealthy food all the time will affect your performance at uni and your ability to concentrate so it’s important to get this in check. We’ve got lots of Easy Student Meals on our Locker Room blog, so make sure you give them a try!


Tip 2: Drink enough water


For some people this is easier said than done but if you want to know how to stay healthy at uni then this tip is key. Not only will your skin be glowing but your concentration and energy levels will undoubtedly increase.



Tip 3: Sleep


If you’re asking us, how to stay healthy at uni starts with a good night's sleep. It’ll set you up for the next day and make sure you can tackle all that uni life throws at you with the best of your ability. This doesn’t mean going to bed by 8pm every single night but aim for at least 2 early nights per week. Trust us, your body and mind will thank you for it!


Tip 4: Check in with friends and family


University and studying can get stressful. Make sure you check in with friends and family regularly and air anything that’s bothering you, however big or small. As cliché as it sounds, a problem shared is a problem halved and it’ll make sure your mental health stays in good shape.



Tip 5: Make time to workout 


Our fifth and final tip for how to stay healthy at uni is to make time to workout and get your heart rate going. By doing this you’ll stay fit and healthy, feel fantastic and maintain good mental health - what’s not to love?


If you’re not a gym bunny, don’t panic! There’s lots of other ways you can add exercise into your routine. Try joining a university sports club, go for a bike ride with your flatmates or why not swap the bus for walking? Of course we’d always recommend picking up an all-new Bo+Tee set so you can feel your best while you move.


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