Growing Your Gym Confidence

We’re not going to lie, learning how to be more confident in the gym is a process - so don’t expect it to happen overnight! The truth is, the more you push yourself to go to the gym and overcome your anxieties, naturally the more confident you’ll become.


But, there’s definitely steps you can take to help you get there with ease. Today we’re sharing with you our top tips if you’re learning to be more confident in the gym. So make yourself a smoothie and change into your go-to mood-boosting Bo+Tee set and keep scrolling below…



Learning How to be More Confident in the Gym: Our Best 4 Steps

Step 1: Invest in a boss workout wardrobe


Before you set off to the gym make sure you’re wearing an outfit that you feel most comfortable in. If shorts are your thing then try pairing these with a crop top, or if you’re more of a leggings person then these match well with a sports bra. 


Think about the activity you’re going to do in the gym as this’ll determine how much stretch and breathability you need. For example, a hot and sweaty HIIT definitely requires shorts but if you’re heading to a stretch or yoga class then leggings will be your best friend.


Step 2: Go in with a plan


You want to avoid arriving at the gym and feeling lost. If it’s your very first time going then make good use of your induction, this way you’ll be shown around all areas of the gym and the equipment on offer. If you’ve already completed an induction then look on Instagram or Tik Tok for some workout ideas and inspiration and slot these in for each of your gym days.


Going to a gym class is also a great way when you’re learning how to be more confident in the gym. Make sure to check out the classes on offer at your gym, you could even sign up to a couple with a friend. 



Step 3: Work with a PT


Working with a PT is another way to grow your gym confidence, as well as ensuring you see results. Although they can be pricey, a PT will make sure you show up and push yourself. They’ll help you to understand different exercises and weights machines and take away any uncertainties you may have when it comes to working out.


You might just sign up to a PT for the first couple of months while you’re learning how to be more confident in the gym. Once you’ve found your feet and you’re in a good routine you might want to move away to doing your own independent sessions.


Step 4: Set personal goals


Our fourth and final step when you’re learning how to be more confident in the gym is to set personal goals. We know it’s easy to get distracted and discouraged by the gorgeous people in the gym lifting 3x your weight but it’s important to focus on yourself.


Make sure your personal goals are small and achievable as this will help you to stay motivated. Some people also love to take progress photos, seeing changes in your physique and noticing improvements in your strength is sure to boost your gym confidence to new heights.



Ready to hit the gym?


We hope this blog has helped you with learning how to be more confident in the gym. If you feel like you need a bit more then check out the ultimate Self-Confidence Guide by Diandra Mejia. She gave us the lowdown when it comes to being confident in the gym, as well as her go-to “shy girl” workout. Trust us when we say: you need to try this!


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