How to: Overcome Gym Anxiety

If it’s your first day at the gym and you’re feeling a little anxious, worried or nervous don’t worry - it’s normal! Many people struggle with getting themselves to the gym, especially if you’re going alone. Today we’re sharing with you some of the best tips and tricks on how to overcome gym anxiety.


So if you’re going to the gym for the first time, or you’re returning to the gym after a long period off and it’s proving difficult, then keep scrolling below…



Step 1: Wear something you’re confident in


First up, when it comes to knowing how to overcome gym anxiety, we’d suggest wearing something that you’re confident in. You want to feel empowered and secure as you walk into the gym, ready to tackle all of your PB’s. Luckily for you, that’s where we step in!


Bo+Tee activewear offers comfort and support, without compromising on style. Our gym looks are performance focussed with an added element of bold cuts and stand out shades. The materials we use are both sweat proof and squat proof so you’re sure to avoid any embarrassing moments while you train.


Our collections are perfect for training and gaining, so you can smash your workout without worrying about not feeling confident or supported, making this a great way on how to overcome gym anxiety. They’re sure to put your mind at ease when you step into the gym, featuring squat-proof shorts, high waisted gym leggings, crop tops, seamless unitards and more!



Step 2: Attend a class or invest in a PT


Before you hit the gym solo, why not attend a class or invest in a personal trainer (PT). This is a great tip on how to overcome gym anxiety, attending a spin, HIIT or body pump class you’ll be shown new exercises and sometimes how to use equipment such as barbells, kettlebells and more. 


If group classes aren’t your thing then a PT is a great way of building confidence in the gym, although they do come at an additional cost. They can help you to start slowly and will likely build you a personal workout program, making this a great way to overcome gym anxiety. 


Both of these ways can help you to overcome gym anxiety and feel comfortable when you step foot in the gym, every time.



Step 3: Prepare ahead of time


As the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. So, for our next tip on how to overcome gym anxiety, before you head to the gym, a sports class or your PT session make sure you’re organised the night before. 


Lay out your chosen activewear set, write down your workout routine and exercise sets and pack your gym bag with all of the essentials (water bottle, headphones, watch etc.). This’ll mean as soon as you arrive you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. 


If you’re not sure what workout you’d like to do during your session then why not look for some inspo on Instagram. On @boandtee we often post workouts by our loyal team, or you can check out our resistance band workout on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room, suited for the gym or at home.



Step 4: Buddy up


Take a friend, colleague or family member with you so you can tackle the weights room together. Research shows that you’re less likely to bail on your sessions if someone else is relying on you to go, so not only will this boost your confidence but your motivation too when learning how to overcome gym anxiety!


You can focus on workout plans together and you’re more likely to smash your PB’s if there’s someone there to cheer you on. Not only that, you might feel more inclined to branch out and try new exercises and equipment if you’re with your gym buddy.



Step 5: Create a 10/10 playlist


A top class playlist is essential for all things in life, if you’re asking us - but especially if you’re in the gym! Music can help you to completely zone out and put all of your focus and attention on your workout, a great way to overcome gym anxiety. 


This is especially good for cycling, running and other cardio exercises as high-tempo music can be exactly what you need to power you through that 5k. Head over to the Bo+Tee Spotify to get you started with some energetic gym playlists that’ll have you achieving all of your goals.


Everyone starts as a beginner in the gym and it’s important to remember that. The more often you go the quicker you’ll learn how to overcome your gym anxiety. We’ve got all the confidence in you, go and smash it, team!


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